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slide projector- telling visual stories?

slide projector- telling visual stories?


Learn how you can create a unique visual presentation with a slide show projector. Get great tips for finding hot deals on projectors from the best brand names.

We have the most selection on projectors from Proxima, Kodak, Carousel and more. Find helpful online advice for selecting a top of the line slide projector.

Read reviews on standard bulb brightness to get the clearest images from your slide projector. Find out how you can achieve film to video transfers from the latest overhead projector and slide projector models.

Keep reading for our comparisons on 3m, 35mm, Argus 300, and LCD projectors.

Slide Projectors

Achieving a different finish than overheads, slide projectors differ in build and application.

Slide projectors are made to transfer images from photographs and templates onto a large screen. With a 2:3 aspect ratio, the images projected should always fill up the entire screen for a more professional look.

The most important aspects of a slide projector are simple:

  • Mounting
  • Height
  • Zoom

A slide projector is placed on a small plastic table, with adjustable and safelock legs. Itís important that the projector rests on a flat surface throughout presentations, so that the images project clearly onscreen.

Slide projectors can usually elevate up to 8Ē, depending on the quality of model, and the application needed.

The standard 100-150mm slide projector lens will allow you to enlarge or decrease an image size. Using control knobs you can automatically utilize the zoom feature, changing the image quickly.

Donít take any chances, always pack extras like a tray, lamp, and replacement bulbs.

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With large advances in technology, you can now go beyond the applications of a simple 35mm overhead projector.

A quick review of the many ways you can utilize an overhead projector:

  • Slide shows
  • Photographs
  • Templates
  • Graphics

Professional, multi-media slide projectors are being used at large scale events, for advertising, commercial entertainment and more.

Creating your own multimedia templates on a computer is a simple way to add a personal touch to your slide show.

Download photographs to your computer, saving them on .psp format. With the correct program you can now add text information and graphics onto one template.

This is one way multimedia advertisers create professional looking ads to use at large functions like concerts and sports events.

With top of the line features that include interchangeable lenses, auto focus, and remote control options, the overhead projector has made it into the 21st century!

Presentation Tips

Preparing for innovative and motivating presentations doesnít have to be a difficult task. To get the most out of your overhead projector, take a few tips from the professionals.

There are many benefits to using a slide projector for your presentation. For instance, itís a great way to preserve unique images, like historic and rare photographs, that may otherwise never be seen.

Your audience may connect with the subject matter at hand, as they are taken visually into the journey. Slide shows help us to relive the events shown in the photographs.

When youíre creating a presentation, format your speech around central images, so they emphasize and exemplify your topic.

Here are a few reminders to help your slide show run smoothly:

  • Arrive early to organize
  • Use a slide sorter
  • Number & label each slide
  • Use large, simple fonts

Remember that your show is a form of visual storytelling. Always end with a final, powerful image that can remain onscreen as the audience disbands.

On a technical level, you need to make sure that your show is not spoiled by poor power management. Always carry a replacement bulb and large extension cord as well as an outlet adaptor.

Finally, avoid using laser pointers on the images, as they are distracting.

Models and Makes

There are many types of slide projectors available on the market today. From simple electric projectors to more sophisticated digital projectors, you can easily prepare a professional looking presentation.

Not only can you find quality slide film presenters online, but you can also learn more about slide to video transfer.

With this exciting merging of applications, you can project slide shows that have been coordinated from your very own computer. Utilize graphics and editing systems to get the most out of the digital projector.

Donít forget to try TRV-16H for 16mm film to video transfers.

Check out these manufacturers for the best deals online: Elmo, Kodak, Omnigraphic, Da Lite, Boxlight, Optoma, Osram, NEC, Hitachi, Panasonic, Viewsonic and more.

Find all the right features like remote control, FWD, RVS, focus, zoom, iris and more with our handy online buyers guide.

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