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Bring flat screen entertainment into your home with theatre sized projector screens!

Bring flat screen entertainment into your home with theatre sized projector screens!


Create the ultimate movie experience with cinema styled projection screens. Now you can view all your favorite television shows on large, flat screen entertainment systems.

Learn all about projection screens, models and manufacturers with our online reviews. Shop for Sony, Magnavox, Apollo, portable and flat screen systems online.

Now it’s easier than ever to transport portable projector screens to business meetings and large event presentations. With some helpful online tips, you can learn how to create dynamic presentations time and time again.

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Personal Projection Screens

In the past, professional projector screens were only used in theaters and at large stadiums.

Old presentation screens were awkward and unreliable, and the type of screen that was used had a large impact on the quality of the images being shown.

Imagine working with a projection screen that produces a high quality finish and comes in specialize sizes for correct framing. Today's technology offers you this option.

Finding the Right Type

As image presentation grows in popularity, manufacturers are creating screen models to fit every need.

From the stadium to the boardroom, classroom or home entertainment theater, you can find professional quality projection screens at affordable prices.

Here’s a look at the many choices in projection screens available to you today:

  • Rear projection
  • Portable
  • Pull down
  • Permanent wall unit

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For highly detailed images and sharp color, rear projector screens are perfect, medium sized screens. Used for boardroom graphics and home theatre or television viewing, rear projectors feature flat screens, ceiling studs, mounting brackets and more.

Although commonly 70” by 70”, rear projector screens are also available in mini-fold table top units measuring 21” x 30” inches.

Portable projector screens are a handy tool for travelers and keynote speakers. Portable screens come in a variety of sizes and styles like tri-pod, desktop, floor and electronic.

Some benefits of the portable projection screen include it's lightweight, self-standing, easy to set-up and take-down, easy to store and more.

Pull down projector screens are great for viewing educational materials in the classroom or conference room. With a rolling feature, pull down screens are easy to conceal when not in use.

Permanent wall screens are becoming more popular in conference rooms and home theaters. Fitting easily into a wall space, their snap screen features allow you to take down or replace the screen at any time.

Screen Materials

Look for professional screen materials that will enhance the resolution of the projected image.

Screen materials include:

  • Matte
  • High power
  • Glass beaded
  • Video spectra

Matte white and high contrast matte white screens offer a seamless background for 8-10 inch screens.

Remember, the better quality the screen material is, the more expensive and difficult it will be to find on larger projection screens.


Check out these manufacturers for the best deals online: Elmo, Kodak, Omnigraphic, Da Lite, Boxlight, Optoma, Osram, NEC, Hitachi, Panasonic, Viewsonic and more.

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