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Presenters! Don't let your bright images fade -- carry an extra projector light bulb to every show

Presenters! Don't let your bright images fade -- carry an extra projector light bulb to every show

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Donít be caught off guard, remember to carry an extra projector light bulb to your presentation.

Projector light bulbs rely on the brightness of quality bulbs, to project detailed and intricate images onscreen. Buying projector bulbs with a long life is one step to ensuring that you save money and time.

You can do so many things with a multimedia projector; watch DVDís or TV, prepare a slide show of photographs, moving images or graphics.

Quality projector bulbs are the key to functioning projector lamps. Browse through this great online guide for information on projector lamps, bulbs and manufacturers.

Projector Bulb Types

Projector bulbs should have a strong, lasting glow, with a guaranteed long life.

Bulbs come in several different models, to suit the needs of a multitude of projector applications. Hereís a look at some common projector bulb types:

  • LCD
  • DLP
  • Slide
  • Overhead

LCD bulbs are among the most common types found in stores. The glow cast by these bulbs, adjusts frequently to accommodate the ever shifting color and resolutions of the projected images.

DLP projectors differ in the use of a digital chip to project colors, resolutions and shading. A DLP bulb carries specific lumens ratings for different applications, including TV or DVD viewing, or presentations of graphics, photographs or animation.

You will find that slide and overhead bulbs have a brighter glow in order to accurately project templates and photographs onto a large overhead screen. Unlike LCP or DLPís, projector lamps and bulbs need the added help of a darkened room.

Getting it Bright lamp bilbs

Projector bulbs and lamps should have a high standard of quality.

Here are a few things youíll want to look for when selecting a bulb:

  • Lamp type
  • Wattage
  • Lifetime
  • Lens

The lamp type will determine the size and wattage of the bulb you will need. For instance, an overhead projector usually requires a greater wattage bulb. For digital projectors, the higher the lumens rating, the better the image quality will be.

The projection lens will have some impact on the bulbís ability to project detailed imaging. Make sure your lens type is correctly suited to the projector, and that it has an accurate throw ratio.

High resolution should be the goal of any projector as it determines the sharpness and richness of images.


There are various manufacturers and brands of projector bulbs.

Hereís a look at some of the top names in bulb manufacturing:

  • Panasonic
  • Canon
  • Sony
  • Proxima
  • Kodak

Compare all the online deals and discounts from 3M, Sanyo, Boxlight, Eiki, Christie, Mitsubishi, Dukane, Hitachi, Epson, Elmo, BenQ, Sharp, GE, Viewsonic, Philips, Toshiba, Faroujda, InFocus, NEC, and more.

Quality bulbs are also available from Ampro, Davis, Epson, Yokogawa, Runco, Megapower, JVC, Barco, Draper, Dell, Campaq, and Optima.


One great tip to remember is that lamps and bulbs lose their power and brightness when they are overheated.

Make sure that your multimedia projector has a great cooling system and always bring a replacement bulb to your presentations, just in case.

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