Opaque Projector Screens
Enlarge your artwork without losing detail -- An opaque projector can make your presentation a stand-out!

Enlarge your artwork without losing detail -- An opaque projector can make your presentation a stand-out!


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Opaque Projectors

Utilizing the process of light reflection, an opaque projector will transport printed, transparent and three-dimensional images onto a large screen for viewing.

An opaque or DLP projector is a specialized piece of equipment used to enlarge:

  • Scale art
  • Designs
  • Microfilm
  • Sketches
  • Photos

Anything from rare pieces of fine art, murals, airbrushing, maps, graphs and stamps can be enlarged through an opaque or DLP projector.

These types of projectors are best used in a well darkened room. Any light disturbance may take away from the richness of the projected images or material.

Opaque projectors are also known as reflectoscopes or episcopes.


For quality presentations, opaque projectors can enlarge from 3-20 times, without losing detailed imaging. You can also reduce images up to 55%.

Using up to four halogen bulbs, opaque projectors maintain a high standard for brightness and rich color display.

Here are some common features of the opaque projector:

  • Color corrected lens
  • Glass copy surface
  • Cooling system

An opaque projector’s color corrected lens will stay true to the original image, even as it magnifies the map or art work many times its size.

A glass covered copy surface holds books, documents and fragile art pieces in glass, as the image is projected at a steady rate onscreen.

The simple cooling system prevents overheating by utilizing a thermal overload circuit.

Accessories include safety stands and tripods, for easy travel.

Using an Opaque or DLP Projector

An opaque or DLP projector is quite simple to use. Follow these easy to read tips for the basic instructions.

After you have plugged in the projector, place the material or object to be projected onto the glass covered surface.

At this point, you will adjust the height of your stand, as well as center the piece.

Once you have everything in place, turn on the projector and open the lens cover.

Use the focus handles to sharpen the image, and enlarge or decrease the image to the desired size.

Turn off the lights to view your presentation before your audience comes in.

Brands & Models

Here are some well known brands of opaque and DLP projectors: Braun, Buhl, Gange, Porta-Trace, and Apollo.

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