Best Digital Projectors
Digital projectors offer a look of professionalism to your presentations

Digital projectors offer a look of professionalism to your presentations


With the best reviews on digital projector models, you can find reliable quality InFocus projectors online.

Today’s technology offers most companies access to professional digital projectors, at affordable prices. Using fast multimedia systems, can help you produce an unforgettable presentation.

Learn how to create ads, instructional videos, and promotional campaigns with InFocus projectors. The hottest digital projectors and models like LCD, Foci, LP500, LP530, LP120 can be found right here.

Use this great online guide for the most information on fast multimedia systems, like digital projectors.

Digital Projectors

Now you can produce professional looking images with digital InFocus projectors.

Capture your audience by creating artful and vibrant images on your digital projector.

The digital revolution allows you to hook up your projector to applications like:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • VCR
  • DVD

This fast multimedia machine gives you limitless options and presentation styles. Download information from the Internet to create unforgettable presentations. Personalize your pictures with graphics, text and more.

Remember, you can use digital InFocus projectors to download the latest movies, documentaries, instructional videos and more.

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How Does it Work?

Digital projectors provide intricate and detailed image solutions. With a 25% brighter resolution and an improved contrast of 1500:1 ratio, affordable top quality projectors are now available for your home or office.

So how do digital InFocus projectors work? It's simple, by using something called a DDR DLP chip.

DDR is a hot new development in digital software, offering greater contrast and color abilities for projectors.

Thousands of rotating mirrors filter light into a spectrum of colors. With more activated pixels, DDR produces true to life color.

Digital InFocus projectors have something called a DVI connection input that captures a clean digital signal.

What else does digital technology offer?

  • Sharper color
  • Defined shading
  • Range of definitions
  • Subtle pigment blending

You can find all these features and more online. Several different models are now available with the digital system.

Perfect for the business professional working from a home office, these projectors are affordable and give you bold, clean and clear visuals.

Get the Most Out of Digital

Digital InFocus projectors have something for everyone, and provide perfect solutions for:

  • Business professionals
  • Home entertainment
  • Conference rooms
  • Small offices

Digital projectors offer extras for your business that other projectors are unable to provide.

For instance, with access to the professional quality of 1600 lumens, your small business can get ahead of the game with clear, detailed imagining.

Create your own logos and ad campaigns without compromising on the quality.

Digital InFocus projectors hook up to many applications, like computers and DVD players. With access to computer graphics, live video and statistical data, you can piece together a professional looking presentation in very little time.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of a fast multimedia system is the affordable price and the compact screen.

Find the Right Model

Due to the high demand for digital projectors, many different models are now available for your business or personal needs.

To determine how much you want to spend on a projector, you'll first need to determine what you'll be using it for and how many extra features you'll require.

Here is a list of some common digital InFocus projectors:

  • Palm
  • Micro
  • Cinema
  • Professional

For the simple pocket projector, try the palm pro series, PB7220, PB7200, PB7100, PB6100, and DX550.

Micro digital projectors are manufactured by many brands. For a reliable, compact series, try the PB2220, PB2120, and SL705X.

Bring the awesome cinema experience into your own home. For theatre projectors try the PE8700.

Professional digital projectors offer many different features to suit all office applications. Quality models include PB8283, PB8220, PB8182, DX660 and DX650.

For great wireless fast multimedia projectors, try Sanyo's PLC-XU45 and PLC-XU46 which feature high 2,500 lumen ratings and a 400:1 contrast ratio.

For the best digital models, check out the MP3130, VP6100, SB21, XB31 and MP3800 series.

Go to our buyers guide for more manufacturer links. Video and digital projectors are great tools for showing intricate presentations anywhere, anytime.

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