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Do you want to create a multi-media presentation? Computer projectors have many application features

Do you want to create a multi-media presentation? Computer projectors have many application features


Learn how to use a digital projector, or a video projector, with simple tips and advice from this online guide.

Now you can read all about computer projectors and their applications in the comfort of your own home.

Computer projectors offer the most resources for all your presentation needs. For instance, find out how you can layer graphics onto your downloaded photos and more.

Read great reviews right here on the most digital projector manufacturers like Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony and Electrohome.

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Computer Projectors

The future of digital presentation begins right here.

Computer projectors offer the exciting innovation of digital projection, along with state of the art application tools.

Digital technology utilizes a DMD chip, which stores more detailed information and casts greater resolution, color and shading onto a large screen.

A computer projector operated on a DMD chip, is built to hook up to multiple outlets, including:

  • DVD players
  • MP3’s
  • PC’s

By accessing your computer, you can project information and images from several resources.


Enhance your presentation with your own personal touches, like graphic layering, editing and animated movement.

With a computer projector you can apply all these cool tools and more to your show. Bring static pictures to life with movement, sound and interactive graphics.

Garnering the full benefits of a computer projector is easy, once you’ve downloaded the appropriate applications onto your computer.

Here are some examples of popular computer projector applications:

  • Power Point
  • Showtime
  • Final Edit

Utilizing full screen applications such as these shouldn’t affect the resolution of the projected images. With digital technology, images should adjust in focus, resolution and brightness according to the application being used.

Power Point

Power Point is a fascinating computer application created specifically for projectors. This program has tools to help you create and present your show, with features like:

  • 3D transitions
  • Background
  • Animation
  • Graphics
  • Templates

Power Point works with you to synchronize your imaging with downloaded music and flash features. This program can create the ultimate viewing experience, from any source material, statistics, text and photographs.

Another exclusive feature of Power Point is that it allows you to collaborate with colleagues on any presentation.

In fact, you can set up an entire Power Point system in the office for file and link sharing, and more.

Power Point protects your work with locking and password features. Working in unity with many other Microsoft applications, Power Point is the ultimate tool for professional presentations.


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