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Home Entertainment Projectors – Get A Huge Picture

Home Entertainment Projectors – Get A Huge Picture

Runco International, the acknowledged leader in projection video technology for high-end home theater, today announced its Reflection Series CL-510 and CL-510LT models featuring TI's widescreen-format Matterhorn DLP chipset providing a resolution of 1024 x 576 are now shipping. Runco was the first to publicly demonstrate a projector based on the Matterhorn chipset at Home Entertainment Expo earlier this month.

We’re proud to be a leader in capitalizing on the tremendous advantages that this technology brings, and flattered that TI chose to partner with Runco on this important home-theater advance, said Runco CEO Sam Runco. This new DLP technology helps us to achieve new levels of performance in several key areas, while still keeping genuine high-end imaging at an affordable price, accessible to a wide range of potential owners.

Bharath Rajagopalan, Manager of Texas Instruments’ Home Projector Business Unit, DLP Products, concurs. Runco has been at the forefront of implementing the latest developments in DLP technology for home entertainment applications, Rajagopalan said. Now, they become the first company to ship a projector that leverages the unique advantages of TI’s Matterhorn chipset in a projector. We're excited that they see the same opportunity that we do, and we believe they will enjoy considerable success with this new product.

The advantages to which Rajagopalan alludes arise from DLP technology’s enhanced HD2 performance, harnessed in tandem with Runco’s GEN 3 optically efficient, highly accurate projection technology and sophisticated color-balancing system. The 16x9 format is fully optimized for high-end widescreen video reproduction, including DVD playback and international wide-aspect standards.

Designed around the new Matterhorn chipset from the ground up, Runco’s CL-510/CL-510LT utilizes a sophisticated new color balancing system that yields superior gray scale tracking. The result is rich, deeply saturated, lifelike color reproduction in combination with superior black-level and white-level performance, for accurate, high-impact imaging from movies and video via DVD, digital television, and conventional broadcast/cable sources alike. The Runco design leverages the impressive light output for outstanding contrast, maintaining deep blacks and subtle shadow detail alike, yet permitting serious viewing within a range of light environments.

The CL-510/510LT also delivers outstanding versatility and operational ease of use. Proprietary Runco integrated video processing/scaling permits video from any source to exploit DLP technology’s full potential, and works with the projector’s variable-throw distance optics to ensure ideal imaging from a broad range of installations. Discrete infrared-remote control, and a full-command RS-232 interface make the new models a breeze to operate, and easy to integrate into any home theater, media room, or whole-house system.

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