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ViewSonic Lights Up the Living Room with 56-inch DLP High-Definition-Ready Television

ViewSonic Lights Up the Living Room with 56-inch DLP High-Definition-Ready Television

ViewSonic Corp., a worldwide leader in visual display products, today announced its plan to produce the NextVision N5600w, a digital rear-projection, high-definition-ready TV. Driven by Texas Instrumentsí DLP technology, the 56-inch widescreen TV will deliver the highest brightness offered in a micro-display rear-projection TV, making it the perfect large-screen multimedia display to showcase digital entertainment in the home.

Featuring excellent color saturation and contrast, ultra-wide viewing angles, and a native resolution of 1280x720, the N5600w supports standard, enhanced and HDTV signals. A light engine designed by Advanced Digital Optics, a ViewSonic subsidiary, incorporates high-performance optics incorporates high-performance optics with an extended-life, 150-watt lamp that delivers 750 nits of brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

ViewSonic is bringing its years of visual display experience in the PC display world home to the living room, said Anne Wilcox, director, Consumer Products Marketing, ViewSonic. The N5600w takes the home theater experience to another level with superior front-of-screen performance, versatility and style.

The N5600w easily connects with popular video entertainment devices, such as HDTV set-top boxes, digital cameras, DVD players and video game systems through multiple analog and digital inputs. Picture-in-picture and split-screen capabilities combine with plug-and-play connectivity to offer users the ability to view movies or TV while surfing the Internet or working on computer applications. To further enrich the home entertainment experience, the N5600w features dual, integrated 181-channel TV tuners and a 40-watt high-fidelity speaker system.

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