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Cinema Projector For Your Viewing Pleasure

Cinema Projector For Your Viewing Pleasure

Digital Projection International, an Emmy Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announces the launch and first delivery of the iS15-2K, the world's first DLP Cinema projector to combine Texas Instruments' DC2K DMDs and associated DLP Cinema electronics in a fully-integrated, compact chassis. In January, DPI delivered the first unit to Fotokem, a well-known and respected postproduction company. DPI expects to announce additional commitments shortly.

DPI's delivery of the iS15-2K continues the trend of the company being the first-to-market with the most technologically advanced DLP Cinema projectors. DPI was the first to offer a 2K x 1K resolution, console-based DLP Cinema projector, the cS25, as well as an integrated 1.3 million pixel DLP Cinema projector, the iS10.

The new iS15-2K is the most technologically advanced, compact and efficient digital projector available to the cinema industry, said Peter Nicholas, director of cinema sales and marketing, Digital Projection, Inc. It provides the commercial exhibitor and postproduction community with spectacular 2K x 1K resolution and the precise imaging accuracy of DLP Cinema technology. The combination of the two enables the iS15-2K to exceed 35mm film quality.

The iS15-2K's adjustable lamp power supply exceeds SMPTE brightness requirements for the majority of auditoriums in commercial cinemas. This lamp power flexibility also renders the projector an ideal solution for customised postproduction and screening room applications.

In addition to exceeding Texas Instruments' DLP Cinema guidelines for contrast ratio, colourimetry and uniformity, DPI's new iS15-2K employs many technological advances. CineCanvas, CinePalette and CineBlack are applied for superior image, colour and grayscale resolution. CineLink is employed for security management. As a companion to the iS15-2K, the versatile Multi-Media Switcher 1000 enables the projector to display any content from live concerts and sporting events to computer presentations and DVD-based material.

The iS15-2K's rugged external frame includes integrated pitch-and-roll adjustments to enable the projector to mechanically conform to exact application requirements quickly, and efficiently. This allows for every conceivable installation option, including mounting the projector either inside or outside a projection booth. The projector's design also allows for maximum portability. The iS15-2K can be shared among a number of auditoriums in a multiplex, giving exhibitors great flexibility in the use of their digital cinema investment.

When we designed the iS15-2K, we were very conscious of postproduction and cinema engineering management's desire for digital cinema projectors that can display accurate imagery as well as integrate easily into a diverse array of venues, continued Nicholas. The fact the iS15-2K has solved this problem serves a further evidence that DPI manufactures the most profound DLP Cinema projectors.

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