Ultra Transportable Projector
Ultra Transportable Projector – Great When Going To And From Meetings

Ultra Transportable Projector – Great When Going To And From Meetings

Sharp introduces a sleek, lightweight, personal DLP projector that can easily fit into a carry-on bag with a laptop. The Notevision projector, model XR-1S, combines high brightness and high quality Carl Zeiss optics, making it the ultimate choice for both data and video projection.

As digital front projection becomes an integral tool for sales, corporate communication and education, business professionals require a compact, portable projector that performs well and can travel as frequently as they do, said Bruce Pollack, Associate Director of Marketing, Sharp LCD Products Division. The XR-1S is easy to use with an intuitive set-up and excellent resolution.

About the size of a pair of paperback novels, the XR-1S measures 9.7 x 2.5 x 4.8 inches and weighs just over three pounds, making it the perfect on-the-road presentation companion. Set-up is a snap with a faster start-up than traditional projectors; on-screen interactive help for easy set-up and operation assistance; color-coded connectors and backlit operation keys. To control the presentation’s pace and appearance from anywhere in a presentation room, the projector includes a credit card sized remote with mouse, resize and freeze functions.

Dazzling Images and Long Lasting Lamp for Low Total Cost of Ownership For precise image reproduction from a laptop, the XR-1S has a native SVGA resolution and is compatible with up to SXGA+. It can project a brilliant image in any room or run any application with a vibrant 1500:1 contrast ratio for realistic black tones. Users can vary the projector’s brightness, choosing between the standard operating mode or low-power economy mode. The low-power mode provides a low total cost of ownership since the projector can run for up to 4,000 hours, or about four hours a work day for four years. The XR-1S low power mode also provides reduced fan noise and power consumption, making the projector both quiet and economical to operate.

The Notevision projector creates a crystal clear picture for an occasional home theater set-up or to show the big game in high definition at home. The XR-1S supports all image formats up to a 1080i HDTV resolution. Sports fans, movie buffs and video game aficionados can choose between standard or widescreen images to match the content source. It has a high-quality scaler that transforms TV signals into non-interlaced representation for a better picture.

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