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CRT Projector – Launched Worldwide

CRT Projector – Launched Worldwide

BARCO has launched a new CRT projector range called the “Cine CRT Range” as part of its “CRT For Ever” Campaign, which launches world-wide on March 12, 2003.

With over twenty years experience in the large screen projection industry, CRT technology is one of Barco’s strongest core competences and as such the company is regarded as the reference in CRT projectors. While many technologies come and go, some, such as CRT, remain at the top for a very long period. This is why Barco Home Cinema is proud to introduce its new range of Cine CRT projectors.

Within this renewed Cine range, the Cine 7 LT is a new 7” entry-level CRT projector that uses many of the design concepts of its stronger performing father, the Cine 7. All new Cine CRT models are equipped with Barco’s LimoPro video processing board for de-interlacing of interlaced video and film images (3:2 pull down for NTSC and 2:2 pull down for PAL/SECAM), line multiplying (tripling or quadrupling) and frame doubling. This ensures that the complete range consists out of CRT projectors that only need a video source to offer a complete and top-level video solution.

While today’s DLP or LCD projectors offer good results for computer data and graphic images, experts will confirm that CRT projection technology still provides the best possible picture quality and most realistic images for video display applications. When it comes to a Home Cinema projector, and parameters such as black level, dynamic range, picture resolution and compatibility with a wide range of standards without scaling (and the unavoidable artifacts of the scaling process), the technology of choice is and remains CRT.

At the top of the Cine CRT range is the world-celebrated Cine 9, BARCO’s famous flagship projector, which is considered within the industry as the ultimate reference for professional projection equipment. It is the first and only CRT projector ever combining analog 9” CRT technology with digital image adjustments through unique and BARCO patented alignment circuits for focus, convergence, geometry and astigmatism. Combining the best of both the analog and digital worlds results in an unseen display resolution of 2000 TV lines or 2500 x 2000 pixels, together with an unrivaled RGB amplifier bandwidth of 180 MHz.

The new Cine CRT range also uses ultra low noise fans, making the projectors the quietest available on the market today. Both the Cine 7 LT and Cine 7 run at 35 dBA, while the Cine 9 comes down to 32 dBA. The ‘packaging’ of the complete Cine CRT projector range has also been enhanced and the range comes in a stylish matte black finish with gold Cine logo.

“BARCO is by far the number one manufacturer of CRT projectors world-wide and as such we continue to invest in this technology. The true Cinephile recognizes BARCO as the reference in the CRT industry and as such looks to us to keep developing technologies which surpass their wildest dream,” states Tom Vanthuyne, Division Manager, Barco Home Cinema. For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see video projectors.

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