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NEC Projector with world's shortest throw distance enables groundbreaking new museum exhibit

NEC Projector with world's shortest throw distance enables groundbreaking new museum exhibit

NEC Solutions Americaís newly shipping WT600 projector is now in use at the Fowler Museum at UCLA, where its unprecedented short throw capabilities have enabled a groundbreaking new interactive exhibit.

In the exhibit, Ecce Homology, visitors discover evolutionary relationships between human genes and those from a rice seedling while immersed in a 60-foot long, 12-foot high projection. A custom computer vision system tracks visitorsí movements and creates light-filled traces into the actual projection, allowing viewers to interact with the projections while they are standing anywhere from a few inches to several feet from the projection surface. Given the need to do this in a very shallow gallery space and to project a large-scale image without visitorsí shadows casting onto the screen, the WT600 was the only solution that could bring the exhibit to life. NECís patented WT600 design uses aspheric mirrors instead of a traditional optical lens to create the world's shortest throw, producing a 40" image while only 2 Ĺ" from the screen and a 100" image from less than 26" away.

The WT600 mirrored reflection projectorís short throw also gives presenters in business and education settings the freedom to move freely in front of the screen without obstructing the light path for the first time. It enables projection in cramped spaces like small meeting rooms that previously couldnít accommodate front projection, and offers significant space savings for business and retail rear screen applications. And the WT600 gives home users the ultimate in convenience since the projector can be placed onto an existing component rack or TV stand for hassle-free installation and operation.

The WT600 joins NECís HT1000 entertainment projector as one of only two projectors to attain a 3000:1 contrast ratio for incredible image quality. It also features NECís ImageExpress wired and wireless networking technologies for communication from a PC to the projector through a wired LAN system using a 10 base or a wireless system via Wi-Fi 802.11b. The wireless option lets users place their laptop anywhere in -more- the room and switch between presentations on multiple laptops with the touch of a button. Additional networking capabilities allow for online diagnostics and complete projector control from a remote location.

The DLP-based, 1500 ANSI lumen WT600 boasts XGA resolution and Advanced AccuBlend technology for excellent display of non-native sources up to UXGA. It features a lamp life of up to 3000 hours, a barely audible 32dB noise level, and AutoSense technology for easy one-touch setup and operation.

The 13-lb. WT600 also incorporates the most comprehensive suite of security features to deter theft available in a projector today. These include the ability to format a PCMCIA card as a security card to disable the projector to unauthorized users, password protection, a panel control lock, and a lock slot.

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