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Big sensation at Infocomm 2002 in Las Vegas

Big sensation at Infocomm 2002 in Las Vegas

WolfVision's presentation of a prototype of a Ceiling Visualizer was one of the big highlights at this year's Infocomm in Las Vegas in June 2002. The booth was crowded all the time and everybody wanted to see it.

The story behind it:

A familiar line to many WolfVision salesman in the last couple of month was "Your Visualizer VZ-27 (or VZ-8...) is a great unit, but can you integrate this into the ceiling? We want to keep the table free".

For many years building a document camera into a ceiling was a very difficult task, because there always had to be either a suspended ceiling with a big hole or a strange looking box on the ceiling.

The position of the ceiling camera always 100% fixed, therefore the table could not be moved.

Designed like a projector

WolfVision did not want to make a simple "ceiling camera" - it had to be a "Ceiling Visualizer", adding some innovative and unique features to the unit.

The Ceiling Visualizer is designed like a projector. It can be used with a standard projector ceiling mount, or with WolfVision's own ceiling mount allowing to shift the Visualizer 20cm (8") back-forth, turn it 360 degrees horizontally or 30cm (12") up or down. There is no need to cut a hole into the ceiling. The Visualizer can be placed side by side with the projector on the ceiling.

Synchronized lightfield for easy positioning of objects

The most popular feature of Wolfvision's professional Visualizer series has been adapted for the Ceiling Visualizer VZ-C10. The Synchronized Lightfield marks the pick-up area of the camera. This makes it very easy for a presenter to place his objects. The lightfiled on the table shows where the pick-up area of the camera is. The size of this lightfield changes when zooming in and out.

The new system of light/image synchronization is jet another patent for WolfVision in this area.

Advantages of a ceiling Visualizer

- There is nothing on the table
- Nothing disturbs the view between speaker and audience
- No cable from the table to the ceiling
- Objects can be even larger and higher
- With an optional lightbox you can pick up the largest x-rays (17"x14")
- With the new light and scanning path and the flexible adjustment of the ceiling mount, reflections can be minimized.

A "VZ-27 on the ceiling"

The features of the Ceiling Visualizer VZ-C10 will be almost identical to the Professional Visualizer VZ-27

- High resolution 1-CCD Progressive Scan camera
- SXGA/XGA/SVGA output (RGBHV and DVI)
- Image turn mode for high resolution capturing of full vertical (portrait) pages
- Extremely high depth of focus (even higher here!)
- (almost) shadow free illumination
- (almost perfect) illumination of hollow objects
- Converted PAL/NTSC video outputs
- USB and RS232 connection
- Upgradeable firmware
- Live image with 20 pictures per second
- Computer input (loop-through)
- 9 picture memory (with split screen)
- Optimized signal for video conferencing
- Text enhancement mode
- Negative, Negative/Blue and black/white image
- No disturbing stray light for the projection screen
- No blinding the presenter or the audience
- Infrared remote control
... and many more ...

17x zoom (8.5x optical and 2x digital)

The VZ-C10 is equipped with two very professional 8.5x zoom lenses (camera lens and light lens). Both of them are Wolfvision developements. The camera lens is perfectly suited for the high resolution of a progressive scan camera. A very sophisticated 2x digital zoom enhances the zoom factor to 17x, with only a minor loss of resolution in the digital zoom area.

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