B3d Projector
B3D Projector – Comes With Browser

B3D Projector – Comes With Browser

Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Inc.,a developer and distributor of rich media advertising technologies and, through its Altnet subsidiary, secure peer to peer solutions, announced today the release of b3d Projector 3200. With browser and full screen desktop animation overlay modes, transparency and anti-aliasing, b3d Projector 3200 is set to provide a benchmark for the use of 3D in rich-media advertising.

“We’re pleased to announce that we’ve now served over a billion rich-media ads, making Brilliant Digital the clear leader in interactive rich-media ads. With an installed base of 60M players and growing at over 1M per week, the b3d Projector is the leading 3D animation player,” said Kevin Bermeister, President and CEO of Brilliant Digital Entertainment.

“Whether a talking head popping up explaining a company’s products or a flying saucer moving across your screen while you chase it down with a laser guided missile, the versatility of b3d has taken a giant leap in its progressive development cycle. The b3d Projector has always been the web leader in lip-sync and character animation and this new version allows web sites to spring to life by overlaying talking characters, product demonstrations or rich-media advertising over the web site or even outside the browser and over the desktop. The b3d Projector is unique in providing high frame rates while scaling the experience to match the user’s PC capabilities, ensuring a great user experience,” said Anthony Rose, CTO of Brilliant Digital.

The b3d ad server technology has been further enhanced to easily add a b3d animation to any web site in minutes. To see this running visit www.brilliantdigital.com, where you can type in the URL of your favorite web site to see a b3d animation overlay on it instantly.

b3d Projector 3200 features include:

- browser overlay capability allows animations to float over a web page. A wide range of interactivity and transparency effects allow animated 3D overlays to merge into, or grow out of, the 2D web page.

- desktop overlay capability allows animations to move outside the browser and over the desktop – a feature not available to Flash and essential for rich-media advertising in applications with small embedded browser windows, such as in Media Player and Instant Messenger applications, or banner ad spaces in P2P applications.

- new anti-aliasing features smooth object edges, avoiding the jagged edges associated with many 3D engines.

- automatic scalability allows animations to scale to match PC’s capabilities.

- advanced character animation, high-quality lipsync and ultra-fast frame rates and streaming sound provide a compelling user experience.

- Simple pricing model allows production houses to buy b3d Studio ($995) or b3d Studio Pro ($2495) and get started immediately with no further licensing fees.

- Brilliant’s ad server technology allows b3d animations to be added to any web site quickly and easily. Brilliant’s ad-server technology is DoubleClick certified for compatibility with all DoubleClick-enabled web sites.

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