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Home Theater Projector Reviews – New Features

Home Theater Projector Reviews – New Features

Oplus Technologies, Ltd., a leading provider of innovative systems-on-chip and software solutions for digital displays, today announced that PLUS Vision Corporation is using the Rembrandt-1 multimedia display processor to drive its new Piano HE-3200 home theater projector.

The Piano HE-3200 upgrades PLUS Vision’s original award-winning home theater projector, introducing significant performance, image quality and ease of use enhancements. New features and capabilities made possible by Oplus’ Rembrandt-1 display processor chip include built-in HDTV compatibility, improved image quality, and support for a wide range of video and PC input sources.

“We are very impressed with the perfect image quality and sophisticated functionality that the Rembrandt-1 display processor brings to our home theater projector,” said Nobutoshi Sekiguchi, Deputy Director at PLUS Vision. “The Oplus chip played a key role in our success at taking Piano projectors to the next level in terms of quality and features, while still maintaining a highly competitive price point.”

Dr. Yosef Segman, CEO of Oplus Technologies, added: “We congratulate PLUS Vision for developing such a high-performance, high-quality home theater projector. The new Piano projector makes excellent use of the advanced features and native HDTV support that our Rembrandt-1 display processor offers, and we are proud to be associated with PLUS Vision in this market.”

Rembrandt-1 is an innovative digital display processor on a single chip designed for flat panel Plasma and LCD displays, TVs, projection systems, HD LCD monitors and emerging display applications. The processor chip handles video, HDTV and computer graphics input in virtually any format and resolution, and delivers unparalleled image quality supporting display resolutions up to WUXGA. The Rembrandt-1’s rich feature set, industry-leading Picture-in-Picture functionality, and patented image processing algorithms make it the ideal solution for high-quality, digital display devices. For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see video projector.

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