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Kodak Digital Cinema System designed for cinema advertising

Kodak Digital Cinema System designed for cinema advertising

Eastman Kodak Company announced that Cinema Screen Media, one of the U.S.'s leading full-service suppliers of advertising to movie theaters, will be a major customer for the Kodak Digital Cinema Pre-Show System.

The Kodak Digital Cinema System, designed for cinema advertising, is a network of high-quality servers and pre-show projectors, supported by Kodak's worldwide service capability, and driven by Kodak's innovative software. The software enables the advertising to load and display on the screens without any operator involvement. Through this unique software, Kodak's operating system is connected to the theater's automation, as well as to its ticketing systems.

This gives exhibitors and advertising suppliers the opportunity to increase revenues, improve operational efficiencies, and provide audiences with a more dynamic and entertaining movie-going experience.

In the U.S., approximately 25,000 screens have pre-show advertising programs - with most showing slides. Cinema Screen Media , a privately held company based in Atlanta, has exclusive access to more than 3,000 screens nationwide, including top exhibitors in major cities.

In the agreement with Kodak, CSM has committed to an initial purchase of more than 200 Digital Cinema Systems. Terms of the contract also include agreements for Kodak to provide system service, software updates, and preparation and delivery of CSM's digital pre-show to cinema screens.

Installation of the system has begun and a number of the screens are showing digital advertising content, beginning this week.

"Through the years, we've been a loyal Kodak customer, trusting their slide projectors for our cinema advertising programs," said Bill McGlamery, Chairman of Cinema Screen Media "As we've developed our digital pre-show strategy, we again turned to Kodak. Don Vassel, our CEO, is the architect of that strategy and in Kodak, we have a company that believes in us and has the right solution to support our ambitious plans. We're proud that Kodak is our strategic partner in this effort."

"We've developed a market-leading digital pre-show program that has been enthusiastically received by exhibitors and their theatre guests," said Vassel. "Kodak has the scope and scale to help us roll this out on a wide-spread basis."

As an advertising supplier, CSM contracts with theatrical chains for 'screen time' before the feature movie begins. The company then provides theaters with a 'pre-show program' containing local and national ads, trivia, and movie- and music-based entertainment.

"The Cinema Screen Media team has a clear and creative approach that fits so well with our plans for success in digital cinema," said Bill Doeren, general manager of Kodak Digital Cinema. "Kodak is moving quickly to harness the power of digital in all of its businesses, and so are our customers. The CSM concept is a great mix of advertising and entertainment done in a way that the Kodak Digital Cinema System was designed to deliver."

The Kodak system will be installed in 160 screens in Chicago and in selected Harkins Theatres in Phoenix.

"For 70 years Harkins has been dedicated to providing guests the very best movie-going experience possible," said Tim Spain, vice president of operations for Harkins Theatres. "Cinema Screen Media and Kodak share our commitment to delivering quality entertainment. We've been impressed with CSM's concept and Kodak's technology -- and the approach they've put together is consistent with the superior experience Harkins offers."

The pre-show program developed by Cinema Screen Media is a unique mix of local and national advertising and cinema entertainment.

"Going to the movies is a social experience," Vassel said, "so we designed our show to enable people to socialize and to be entertained. The entertainment segments, for example, include music videos and behind-the-scenes movie footage from upcoming features. The whole pre-show will add to the enjoyment of the cinema guests and build revenues for the exhibitor."

"Audiences in cinemas are seeing the video in theaters first, before it goes to TV," Vassel said. "This is just one of several music videos from top groups that we'll premiere as part of our pre-show content over the next few months. The exhibition industry has always been at the forefront of unveiling new and entertaining content to consumers; now CSM is redefining the pre-show to provide compelling first-run content as well."

The Kodak system, with its unique software, enables CSM's pre-show program to be customized for specific sites, screens, ratings, dates, or even individual movies. And, Kodak will provide CSM with automatic verification of play so CSM can assure their clients the ads played as sold, without the costs and logistics involved with sending 'checkers' into theatres.

"Our core competency is selling and placing ads, and creating an entertaining pre-show," said CSM's Vassel. "Kodak's competency is providing the digital cinema software, systems, and services to deliver it reliably, in ways that expand our creativity and improve our efficiency. Our partnership with Kodak means that each of us will do what we do best - and find ways to grow our businesses and our industry, as we do that."

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