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Christie Team up to offer cost effective upgrade packages for visualization centers

Christie Team up to offer cost effective upgrade packages for visualization centers

Panoram Technologies and Christie Digital Systems, Inc. have joined forces to announce a special limited-time offer to the immersive visualization community. The offer provides a major incentive to owners of existing CRT-based Vis-Centers to upgrade to Panoram’s new DLP-based systems that feature Christie’s Mirage Series projectors. This special promotion involves significant savings today and will run through June 30, 2003.

With over 135 facilities installed worldwide, Panoram is a leading integrator of multi-projector immersive visualization centers. Christie is the world’s premier manufacturer of the Mirage Series stereoscopic DLP projectors. The majority of existing visualization centers were built using CRT projectors but, until recently, have been prevented from upgrading to much brighter, sharper DLP projectors due to a number of technological hurdles.

These challenges have been addressed through a complete re-design of the Panoram product line that involved the development of new electronics (digital image warping and edge-blending), new optical systems (optically deformable mirrors and screen materials) and new mechanical systems (acoustical projector enclosures and fine-tunable projector mounts).

Panoram also recently announced a new solution with important implications for Vis-Center upgrades – a signal processor called the Extreme Bandwidth Scaler . Many of the Vis-Centers currently in operation make use of three CRT projectors driven by one-pipe SGI Onyx computers. The EBS-1 solution scales up the native three-channel XGA (1024x768 @ 96Hz) format from the computer’s output to the SXGA (1280x1024 @ 96Hz) stereo resolution required by the panel resolution of a Mirage projector. Christie’s powerful Mirage SXGA projectors can now be put to full use in all curved and flat screen multi-projector systems, in front and rear screen applications without changing computer configurations. This new solution protects existing customers’ investments.

“Owners of visualization centers, both ours and our competitors, are ready to upgrade,” said Theo Mayer, Panoram President and CEO. “Our new integration technologies have opened the door technologically and now this joint offer from Panoram and Christie opens a door financially. This gives organizations a very good reason to move forward now.”

Christie projectors are the most widely distributed display platform used in high-end 3D visualization systems worldwide. Christie’s latest series of Mirage projectors display digital images in true SXGA (1280x1024) resolution and offer brightness levels from 2,000 to 10,000 lumens.

“In keeping with our mandate to address the needs of a dynamic marketplace, Christie is very excited to work with Panoram and provide our customers with this special offer. Our combined solution allows users access to cutting edge display technologies within their existing facilities and provides them with the added assurance that they will receive unparalleled service and support,” says Bill Schmidt, Senior Director of Business Development, VR and Simulation.

The new DLP-based Panoram systems, featuring Christie’s Mirage Series projectors, are intended for upgrades to Panoram’s and competitor’s existing CRT-based installations. The special offer includes a bundled discount from both Panoram and Christie. For complete details, contact a Panoram sales representative.

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