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Clarity and Jenmar announce strategic display screen partnership

Clarity and Jenmar announce strategic display screen partnership

Clarity Visual Systems, Inc. announced today a strategic partnership with Jenmar Visual Systems, and will offer Jenmar's glass BlackScreen product as the preferred option on its line of LCD rear projection displays used for visual messaging by businesses and enterprises worldwide.

The first Clarity system to incorporate the glass Jenmar BlackScreen is the new Lion product being introduced this week at Infocomm International. Besides featuring BlackScreen, Lion represents the industry's highest performing rear projection LCD system (67", SXGA) and sets what Clarity believes are new standards in image quality, reliability and cost of ownership .

In announcing the Jenmar partnership, Clarity's vice president for Marketing and Sales, Dan Cole, said BlackScreen will come standard on all Lion configurations and will be the recommended screen option on the company's smaller displays, including the 40" Wildcat product, introduced in Sept.1999. "BlackScreen has become the defacto standard for high-end data and video walls, making it the obvious choice for Lion," said Cole "It is a thoroughly proven technology that delivers high-contrast, high-quality imagery under the widest range of lighting conditions and with optimum viewing angles. It is a key component of the high-impact visual messaging capability of our systems."

BlackScreen is the only commercially available screen technology that utilizes just refraction to disperse image light to the viewing audience. Compared to any conventional screen design, this approach results in a sharper, higher contrast image under most viewing conditions.

"Clarity demonstrated industry leadership in acknowledging the value of Hi-Gain BlackScreen, and by jointly introducing it to the market with us at INFOCOMM '99," said John DiLoreto, Jenmar's vice president of sales and marketing and chief technology officer. "Their decision to standardize on our latest Hi-Gain version is further evidence of that leadership. It signifies a high level of commitment to Jenmar, and we expect a powerful reaction from end users to this exciting combination of Clarity and BlackScreen technologies."

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