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Epson launces-fast, surable, wide carriage Dot Matrix Printer- DLQ-3500

Epson launces-fast, surable, wide carriage Dot Matrix Printer- DLQ-3500

EPSON the market leader for dot matrix printers, with over 50% of the UK market share, today launches its new wide carriage, 24-pin, dot matrix printer the DLQ-3500 (Romtec-GfK, volume Yr 2001). Providing print speeds of up to 550 characters per second coupled with an increased print volume of up to 25 million lines, compared to 9 million for previous models, the DLQ-3500 is a durable, cost effective, high quality impact printer.

The DLQ-3500 incorporates versatile paper handling, printing onto multi-part stationery up to eight layers thick. Media paths include front sheet feed with auto loading, rear tractor feed with paper park, and an optional automatic cut sheet feeder. For ease of use users are able to change paper paths with the touch of a button, while automatic platen gap adjustment identifies media thickness and adjusts settings accordingly without the need for user intervention.

Aimed at demanding front/back office environments the DLQ-3500 is a perfect solution for those within distribution, warehousing, retail, finance, accounting and hotels where printing on multi- part stationery, at speed, is paramount.

For those users wanting to include colour, a simple change to the colour ribbon allows users to include headings, logos and charts within their printouts. Parallel and USB interfaces are included as standard. - Network, Twinax, Coax and Serial connectivity are optional.

DLQ-3500 Features Summary

  • Fast and Durable 24 pin dot matrix printer
  • Prints up to 550 characters per second; Colour printing
  • Handles up to 8 part forms (1 original + 7 copies)
  • Parallel and USB interfaces; Optional Network, Twinax, Coax and Serial Connectivity
  • Automatic Paper Handling and automatic paper thickness adjustment
  • Automatic Sheet Alignment (Optional)
  • Drivers include Microsoft Windows 3.1x, 95, 98, NT 3.5x/4.0 and 2000.

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