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TV Technology offers higher digital video picture clarity than ever before possible

TV Technology offers higher digital video picture clarity than ever before possible

FOCUS Enhancements, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a patent from the United States Patent & Trademark Office for proprietary technology used in the Company's FOCUScan 300 and FOCUScan 400 NTSC/PAL digital video co-processors. The technology, which received patent number 5,862,268, is for a unique bilinear decimator with error correction, which automatically compensates for errors that occur during the PC-to-TV conversion process. The patented technology allows high-resolution images displayed on a computer monitor to be viewed on a low-resolution TV screen with higher picture clarity than ever before possible. The technology has been integrated into the Company's FS300 and FS400 chips, and the chips are being built into the Company's current and future products and used by designers of PC-to-TV video and large display monitor products. The technology will also be used to convert HDTV signals to standard television resolutions.

Through incorporation of the bilinear decimator technology, the FOCUScan 300 and 400 offer picture quality and resolution never before available in a low-cost ASIC, raising the bar in video quality standards for televisions, large screen computer monitors, integrated appliances, network computers, PC motherboards, PC add-on graphic cards, and cable and video scan conversion set-top boxes. FOCUScan technology supports non-interlaced resolutions up to 2048x1536, and is compatible with virtually all monitor refresh rates up to 152Hz. Unlike other PC-to-TV video conversion chips, the FS300 and FS400 support high quality compression with independent horizontal and vertical underscan, accommodating a broad range of resolutions and displaying the entire contents of a computer screen on any size television. They are the only co-processors capable of scaling 4:3 computers to new wide screen 16:9 TVs.

When built into a TV, PC, or a PC/TV set-top box device such as FOCUS Enhancements' TView Gold, FOCUScan co-processors have important applications in a wide variety of environments. Sales and business presenters can display multimedia and software demos from their laptop computer onto any TV, eliminating bulky, expensive projection systems. Trainers and educators can use FS300- and FS400-integrated products to videotape classroom sessions. PC users can surf the Web from any large screen TV in their home, classroom, conference room, or hotel, eliminating the need to purchase a separate Internet appliance. Additionally, FOCUScan technology is ideally suited for television broadcast and video design, computer gaming, teleconferencing, interactive home entertainment, graphic design, and animation. Wholesale prices for FOCUScan co-processors are expected to be less than $12 for 50,000 units per year.

Other patents which have been filed and allowed for the company relating to the FOCUScan 300 and 400 digital video co-processors are also pending. FOCUS expects the allowances of these patents in upcoming quarters.

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