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Company's Home Theater Master remotes chosen for their power & simplicity

Company's Home Theater Master remotes chosen for their power & simplicity

Remote control manufacturer Universal Remote Control, Inc. announced today that it was awarded three Innovations 2003 Design and Engineering Awards for new product additions to their Home Theater Master line of remote control systems. The models winning the competition in the Accessories category are the model MX-3000 Dynamic Remote Control System, which features a new world class design, as well as the MX-800 RF Remote Control System and MX-600 RF Remote Control System. All three products will be introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The Innovations Awards are sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association , which also hosts CES. Working with CEA is the Industrial Designers Society of America , which endorses and acts as advisors to the Design and Engineering Showcase. These awards given to Universal Remote Control, Inc. are the result of judging by a panel of prominent industry designers, engineers and journalists who judge products based on user value, aesthetics, innovative qualities and contributions to the quality of life.

The Home Theater Master MX-3000 Dynamic Remote Control System is a state-of-the-art Whole House and Home Cinema Controller featuring the latest TFT LCD Touch Screen with full color graphics and hard buttons. It is made by Universal Remote Control, Inc. using the latest manufacturing methods, and sports several key features currently in demand for higher-end installations.

The Home Theater Master MX-800 RF and MX-600 RF Remote Control Systems take home theater to a new level of simplicity. Custom-designed IC chips give them both an impressive memory for storing the large amounts of information needed to operate Home Theater systems, as well as Whole House systems. Building on the success of the award-winning MX-700 and MX-500 remote controls, these new award winners use Radio Frequency signal transmission in addition to Infra-Red. This now means that devices such as DVD players and audio/video components that once had to be kept in close proximity to the TV screen - and in plain view - can now be hidden away in a closet or custom cabinet, creating a cleaner and more "custom-designed" appearance to the home theater setup. These models are designed to be very easy to custom program. A ten-year memory lock ensures that programming will never be lost even with weak or dead batteries.

The design experience and technology used to create these new award-winning products is borne out of years of providing remote control systems to the demanding OEM, home theater and subscription television markets. The company's recognized leadership in providing remotes for high-end entertainment systems recently contributed to the decision by New York-based cable company Cablevision to choose Universal Remote Control, Inc. as their sole supplier to design and build a "next generation" high-end keyboard/controller hybrid remote as an installation option for their high-end digital cable subscribers.

The MX-3000, MX-800 and MX-600 join company with the Home Theater Master MX-700 Dual Remote Control System, which won the Innovations Award last year as well as "Product of the Year" from Electronic House magazine. The MX-700 is actually two remotes - a master remote able to automate up to 20 different home theater components and perform functions rivaling remote systems costing thousands of dollars - and a smaller "Sidekick" remote, about the size of a small cell phone, which provides the most commonly-used functions with a few simple buttons.

John S. Davis, President of Universal Remote Control, Inc., says "These three awards simply echo the praise of our customers, who frequently tell us that our products make it simple for them to save time, money and enjoy their home entertainment system." Davis added, "The Home Theater Master brand is our flagship in a line of over 100 different remote control systems we design and manufacture both here in North America and overseas. Our marketing, design, and engineering staff can add these awards to the ultimate award - customer satisfaction." Mr. Davis will be on hand to accept the three awards when CEA presents them during the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show January 9 - 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Universal Remote Control Inc. will be exhibiting at Booth # 27089 in the South Hall. For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see home theater systems.

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