Opaque Projector
Opaque Projector New Presentation Projectors

Opaque Projector New Presentation Projectors

Buhl Industries is pleased to announce the introduction of its newest opaque projector. The Mark IV Opus is the first in a series of new innovative presentation products being offered by Buhl Industries from its new facilities in South Hackensack.

The Buhl Mark IV OPUS is the ideal projector for non-transparent materials such as original documents, books, magazines and even thin 3D solid objects. The new illumination system with four halogen lamp reflectors enables sufficient light output for presentations even in daylight conditions. Special high-quality optical elements with a new dedicated projection lens guarantee a perfect, sharp and bright picture.

The Buhl Mark IV Opus features include new modern design, high-quality VEGA optics, fine picture tuning, lamp failure LED, detachable cover with dimmer override and more.

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