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Viewsonic's new Perfectflat displays round out the industry's most extensive flat screen family

Viewsonic's new Perfectflat displays round out the industry's most extensive flat screen family

ViewSonic Corporation, a leading worldwide Visual Technology provider, today announced its latest additions to it's PerfectFlat family of high quality, high value flat screen CRT displays, that offer distortion free images with excellent focus, brightness and color uniformity.

The new P225f, 22" (20.0" viewable) and G75f, 17" (16.0" viewable), are two new flat screen CRT monitors designed to meet the diverse needs and budgets of professional graphic designers, CAD/CAM users and everyday business professionals.

These offerings round out the industry's most complete family of flat screen CRT displays. All feature ViewSonic's PerfectFlat flat screen technology, which offers enhanced picture clarity, edge-to-edge precise images and minimal glare.

"These PerfectFlat technology products offer the most options for users looking for the advantages of flat screen technology," said Sally Wang, senior product manager, ViewSonic Corporation. "The breadth of our PerfectFlat family allows customers to experience the benefits of flat screen technology at a variety of price points."

Capable of delivering edge-to-edge precise images in great detail and rich colors, the ViewSonic P225f is a 22" (20.0" viewable) PerfectFlat display designed for demanding professional applications such as pre-press, photo shop, image editing, graphics, and desktop publishing.

The P225f features a PerfectFlat screen with ultra fine 0.24mm aperture grille uni-pitch. It delivers a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 refreshing at 79Hz and has a wide video input bandwidth of 335MHz to ensure outstanding images even at high resolutions.

The ViewSonic G75f is an aperture grille, PerfectFlat display that delivers sharp, precise color-rich images for the most demanding graphic professionals. With a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 refreshing at 69Hz, this 17" (16.0" viewable) provides a flicker-free display of 1280 x 1024 refreshing at 80Hz and is a perfect solution for precise color-rich applications such as pre-press, photo shop, imaging editing, internet design and desktop publishing.

The G75f features a razor sharp 0.25mm aperture grille pitch producing crisp, defined images and PerfectFlat technology coupled with a SuperContrast™ screen for bright and brilliant pictures. The new displays are plug-and-play for easy set-up and feature a new base design that allows for an optional USB hub for simple USB peripheral connections and are TCO '99 and Energy 2000 certified.

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