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SMART Technologies introduces the industryís largest touch-sensitive Rear Projection interactive whiteboard

SMART Technologies introduces the industryís largest touch-sensitive Rear Projection interactive whiteboard

SMART Technologies Inc., the industry leader in interactive electronic whiteboards, announces a wall-mounted 72 inch rear projection SMART Board interactive whiteboard, the Wall-mounted Rear Projection SMART Board 720 interactive whiteboard, with the largest touch-sensitive screen currently available in interactive electronic whiteboards. The active screen area of the WRPSB 720 is 16% larger than the nearest competitive product, the LiveWorks LiveBoard. Whether in a single-site meeting or video or data conference, the WRPSB 720 supports computer-based collaborative sessions by allowing meeting participants to control software directly from the touch-sensitive whiteboard surface. This latest addition to SMARTís growing family of SMART Board and Rear Projection SMART Board interactive whiteboard continues to position SMART as the industryís value leader in providing a comprehensive line of high-performance interactive electronic whiteboards.

Meeting and training participants can collaborate on electronic documents, instantly capture new ideas and save a complete record of all materials and notes discussed during the session to the attached computer. Participants press on the board with their finger to control projected Microsoft Windows or Macintosh applications directly from the boardís 72 inch diagonal surface. Using SMARTís intuitive whiteboard tools, participants simply pick up a stylus from the SMART Board Pen Tray and write on the board, just as they would on a conventional whiteboard. SMART Notebook software, included with all SMART Board interactive whiteboards, saves the notes and annotations written over top of software images so they can be printed, posted to the company Intranet, e-mailed or copied and pasted into other applications.

"As with all SMART Board interactive whiteboards, we have designed the Wall-mounted Rear Projection SMART Board 720 interactive whiteboard to bring the familiarity and simplicity of whiteboard tools into the computer-based meetings and information-sharing sessions of today," says Nancy Knowlton, Executive Vice President of SMART Technologies. "With the largest interactive rear projection screen available, this new SMART Board interactive whiteboard is a multi-faceted collaborative tool that effectively supports larger teams, training groups and video or data conferencing sessions."

Designed to provide a more efficient, non-intrusive use of room space, the WRPSB 720 mounts into a wall opening. All communication, presentation and multimedia materials that can be run from the board can be stored in a secure area behind the wall opening. A new SMART Pen Tray shelf included with the board has a unique sliding feature that allows it to be pulled out of the wall opening to provide access to the styluses and eraser, and then pushed in when not required to minimize the space occupied by the board.

With the recently announced SMART Aware software, any of the leading desktop conferencing applications, including Microsoft NetMeeting, Netscape CoolTalk, DataBeam FarSite, Future Labs TALKShowand IntelProShare can be used on the WRPSB 720 and the rest of the SMART Board family of interactive whiteboards. Notes written on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard are simultaneously recorded and viewable on the shared whiteboard screens of all conference participants.

The WRPSB 720 includes SMART Notebook 1.0a software and SMART Board 5.1a software with unlimited installation licenses, the SMART Super Screen, a SMART Pen Tray, four colored styluses, one dry erase eraser and all necessary cables.

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