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Thomson multimedia plans low-cost, convenient digital storage with Technicolor-brand digital memory cards

Thomson multimedia plans low-cost, convenient digital storage with Technicolor-brand digital memory cards

Thomson multimedia, provider of a wide range of audio and video technologies to consumers and professionals in the entertainment and media industries, will soon bring a range of affordable, easy-to-use Digital Memory Cards to market in 2002. This new type of write-once digital semiconductor memory will mean lower suggested retail prices, convenience, and security for consumers who use digital cameras, mp3 players and other portable devices.

The new write-once memory cards will be marketed under Thomson's Technicolor brand name. As the leading global provider and distributor of entertainment media solutions and services in a variety of formats - including film, DVD, videocassette, and digital cinema - Technicolor has extensive experience delivering trusted, high-quality media solutions. Technicolor Digital Memory Cards offer write-once convenience and security, will come in standard flash formats and sizes, and will work interchangeablely with existing flash cards. By offering these new memory cards to consumers, Technicolor provides a valuable digital storage solution alternative that is uniquely affordable, convenient, and secure.

"As the digital imaging and portable digital music markets grow, we're anticipating the desires of mainstream consumers who want a more convenient way to store and use files, and a more secure digital copy of those valuable photographs and mp3 files. With Matrix 3-D Memory, we can offer Technicolor Digital Memory Cards in familiar formats and sizes that are convenient, secure, and much lower in cost," said Thomson's David Geise, Vice President - Accessories Products.

Today, a conventional flash memory card typically represents half the cost of a small mp3 player and a large portion of a digital camera's system cost, and users of both must be tied to a PC. By significantly reducing the memory cost and simplifying the user experience, Technicolor Digital Memory Cards offer a mass-market product with suggested retail pricing that will be comparable to buying today's 35mm film.

The new Technicolor memory product is an archival memory product designed to store information securely for many decades. These solid-state cards ideally meet the requirements of portable electronic products: ruggedness, low system costs, small form factor, and low power consumption.

"Thomson has recognized the market opportunity for low-cost, convenient, storage for portable consumer electronics. Today's digital solutions are not yet as easy to use as consumers would like. With these new Technicolor Digital Memory Cards, Thomson and Matrix are well positioned to exploit the large new market opportunity for very low cost solid-state memory cards," said Dennis Segers, President and CEO of Matrix Semiconductor. "Our success will enhance digital imaging and audio in the mass market."

Matrix 3-D Memory is the first product based on Matrix Semiconductor's breakthrough 3-D technology. By building ultra-dense chips in three dimensions, Matrix can provide dramatically lower cost chips.

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