Dlp Projectors
DLP Projectors – Whisper Quiet Operation

DLP Projectors – Whisper Quiet Operation

Building on its tradition of creating stylish and technologically cutting-edge home theater, Sharp Electronics Corporation has introduced a brand-new generation in home theater entertainment, the SharpVision XV-Z12000U high definition Digital Light Processing front projector. This sleek-bodied, whisper-quiet product takes home movie projection to a new level of viewing enjoyment with even higher contrast and brightness levels, for the clearest, crispest, truest-color images available today. The XV-Z12000U creates a cinematic experience anywhere consumers can imagine, transforming any family or media room into the ultimate high-tech home theater.

Sharp is also unveiling two new portable DLP front projectors, the SharpVision XV-Z200U and the Sharp DT-300. Weighing just over seven and a half pounds each, these portable DLP projectors can easily be moved from room to room, for an instant theater anywhere in the home. The first truly widescreen portable projectors are outfitted with a DMD Matterhorn chip and a lens feature that can be adjusted to project an image from almost anywhere in the room on the screen, delivering a quick and simple set-up. These new projectors allow consumers without a dedicated “media room” to watch TV, DVDs or play computer games on a big screen and then pack it all up and put it away, saving space and avoiding clutter.

“Sharp is the market leader in consumer front projection products, and we pride ourselves on consistently delivering technologically superior products with enhanced features and functionality,” said Michael Amkreutz, Director of Display Devices, Sharp. “We recognize that a modern, stylish home theater set-up is important, both to home theater enthusiasts with dedicated spaces as well as first-time buyers who need to make the most out of every room. Our new DLP front projectors meet both of these needs.”

SharpVision XV-Z12000U
Designed to provide the home theater enthusiast with the best features available in home front projection, the SharpVision XV-Z12000U is best used in its own designated space. Using the Mustang/HD2+ DLP™ chip set from Texas Instruments, the XV-Z12000U is a 16:9 projector that has an unprecedented, dramatically improved contrast ratio of over 4000:1 in high contrast mode and enhanced brightness greater than the previous model’s 800 ANSI Lumens in high brightness mode. These previously unattained levels of projection excellence are made possible in part by HD2+ technology, which increases the reflective surface of the Digital Mirror Device.

Adding to the unprecedented contrast ratio are a new seven-segment color wheel and 10-bit color processing, which brings out more detail and minimizes the noise in dark scenes. Also new to the XV-Z12000U is a changeable cat’s eye iris system, a built-in permanent Minolta optical system that gives the consumer much more control over the contrast and brightness levels by providing three setting options, all available at the touch of a button right on the remote control. The XV-Z12000U has a native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels for true 16:9 widescreen movie viewing and a DVI/HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) terminal to realize all digital protection copyrights.

The true 720p high-resolution images are fully compatible with all HDTV signals, making this the perfect movie-viewing vehicle for today as well as the future. Additional features include a “film tone” mode for reproducing a film-like atmosphere, 1:1.35 manual zoom and a lens shift function for flexible installation, 61-step color temperature adjustment, six-position Picture Setting memory function and customizable RGB Gamma Adjustment functions, all combining to provide consumers with cinema-quality widescreen viewing in their own home.

SharpVision XV-Z200U and Sharp DT-300
The XV-Z200U and DT-300 provide consumers with a compact, lightweight product that will easily fit on a shelf, cabinet or small side table. Great for watching sports, movies, TV and even playing video games, these projectors provide high resolution DLP projection anywhere consumers want it, without taking up a lot of space. Both products are enhanced definition, outfitted with a 16:9 chip and a native true widescreen resolution of 1024 x 576. Upgraded features include an extremely high contrast ratio, enhanced brightness for brilliant clarity and a superior image, and an increased lamp life. The low fan noise ensure that a film’s dialogue and special effects are the only sounds that movie-watching guests will hear.

The projectors’ lenses distinguish one model from the other. The SharpVision XV-Z200U is targeted toward a more experienced home theater consumer since its long-throw 1.2x zoom lens delivers a longer throw distance, which lends itself better to a larger room or even ceiling mounting. The Sharp DT-300 is targeted toward a first-time projection user since its short-throw 1.2x zoom lens is more suitable for use in a smaller room, perched on a small side or coffee table. Both projectors are outfitted with 2D keystone correction in the lens, which enables easy and flexible installation because content can be projected from the unit at an angle without picture distortion. Whether consumers choose to use the included swivel stand or optional ceiling mount bracket, these portable projectors truly create home theater for a wide array of consumers. End table stands and portable and fixed-mount screens are also available for even more flexibility.

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