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Slide Projector Optimized Light Efficiency

Slide Projector Optimized Light Efficiency

Leica Camera AG, Solms has now launched a new slide projector with optimized light efficiency. The projector has a multi-coated condenser system. The coating of the optics enhances the light yield to >1100 lm (lumen), thereby improving the brightness and image reproduction of the slides even when projected over large distances. At the same time, the coating prevents a further increase in slide window temperature. The LEICA PRADOVIT IR is the successor to the LEICA PRADOVIT P 600 IR and sports a new anthracite finish.

Users of the LEICA PRADOVIT IR can choose from a total of ten high-performance Leica projection lenses from 60 to 250 mm. The new model therefore covers a wide range of applications from home projection in small rooms to slide shows in presentation halls where large distances have to be bridged.

The warp-free die-cast aluminum chassis of the LEICA PRADOVIT IR affords optimum stability and extremely low vibration transmission. The robust body effectively protects the projector's components from damage. There are two arrestable knurled screws on the front of the LEICA PRADOVIT IR for precise alignment of the projector height. The upper part of the LEICA PRADOVIT IR is made of impact- and scratch-resistant plastic.

The wide range of convenient features offered by the LEICA PRADOVIT IR ensures easy and accurate operation. There is a slide preview facility on the projector top for viewing, choosing and sorting slides. A permanently built-in, swing-out slide stage permits slides to be projected without inserting a tray, and slides that have been put in the wrong slot to be relocated without moving the tray. A side rail provides space-saving accommodation for the cordless remote control with integrated light pointer and also conveniently houses the built-in timer for automatic projection with continuously adjustable slide dwell times of 3 to 40 seconds.

An automatic bulb changer immediately switches a reserve bulb into the working position if the main 24V/250W bulb in the LEICA PRADOVIT IR fails. This happens so quickly that viewers will only notice a slight flicker. An LED on the back of the projector acts as a reminder to exchange the spent bulb.

The autofocus facility of the LEICA PRADOVIT IR differentiates between glass-mounted and non-glass mounted slides and automatically sets the precise focus for each slide if the two types are mixed. There is an additional override facility, after which the autofocus is reactivated for the next slide. As the size of the image on the screen changes slightly during focusing, the autofocus can be switched off completely for certain applications (e.g. panorama projection).

The effective direct cooling and the heat absorption filter of the LEICA PRADOVIT IR protect the slides even during long dwell times. Extra safety is provided by a thermal safety switch, which cuts off the power supply to the lamp in the event of overheating, thus protecting the projector and the slides against damage.

Four different tray systems can be used with the LEICA PRADOVIT IR: the DIN 108 standard straight tray, the spill-proof and space-saving LKM tray, the CS tray and a round tray for 120 slides, with which continuous projection can be realized with the built-in timer.

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