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New video projection vehicles for HAMSET Eritrea

New video projection vehicles for HAMSET Eritrea

Agri-Visual Ltd has just completed a major consignment of mobile video projection vehicles for a health project in Eritrea. Seven audio visual units have been shipped to Massawa, Eritrea's Red Sea port and will soon be seeing action in the battle against some of Eritrea's most dangerous diseases. The HAMSET project is designed to tackle the worrying problems of AIDS, malaria and TB. An important part of the project is to convince people in rural parts of Eritrea that these diseases can be prevented. These mobile audio visual units are ideal for getting this life-saving message to parts of the country not reached by newspapers, radio or TV.

The audio visual units are based on Toyota Landcruisers and have been specially converted to the HAMSET project's own specifications. As with all Agri-Visual vehicles, equipment is properly and securely stored inside designer flight-cases. In addition to the standard video projector and PA system, the HAMSET vehicles also include a video camcorder and an overhead projector for training use. There's even a small fridge! The vehicles therefore have a dual purpose - in the day they will be used as information centres, whilst at night they will be used to project large screen video films.

The vehicles are expected to be used by different government organisations in Eritrea. These include the Ministry of Health, the National Eritrea Women's Union and the National Union of Youth and Students. All organisations have their own programmes of events designed to tackle the HAMSET diseases. For example the Eritrean Social Marketing Group intends to use it's vehicles in a series of ongoing events to promote the use of condoms as a method of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS

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