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LINKSYS shows off new broadband, wireless and networking hardware at Comdex

LINKSYS shows off new broadband, wireless and networking hardware at Comdex

Linksys, a leading manufacturer of broadband, wireless and networking hardware for the corporate Small/Medium Business sector, Small Office/Home Office and Home environments, today announces new Wi-Fi 802.11b products including a Wireless Presentation Gateway, wireless-ready broadband router, CF Card and printer server as well as new HomePlug-based powerline networking solutions and an Ethernet Cable Modem at the COMDEX Fall/2001 show from November 12th to 16th.

Along with the new wireless products from Linksys, the Instant Wireless Series is now comprised of fifteen 802.11b devices that enable users to connect more devices and electronics wirelessly to a local area network. Linksys will also have live wireless products running in the booth to demonstrate file sharing, mobility and simple setup interfaces. New wireless products include:

Instant Wireless Presentation Gateway. First of its kind on the market, this Wireless Gateway enables Wi-Fi users to take turns remotely displaying presentations on a projector screen with mere keystrokes, from anywhere in the vicinity. Ideal for corporate meetings, conferences, and interactive training, now any presentation may evolve into dialogue through the application of 802.11b wireless technology on a VGA-equipped projector or display. Users need not reconfigure or rewire between presentations, and multiple wireless-enabled PCs may control the screen quickly and conveniently. This Presentation Gateway takes 802.11b wireless networking to the level of a true applications-based connectivity solution. ESP $299.

Instant Wireless to Ethernet Adapter – The Wireless to Ethernet Adapter enables any PC, printer, router, hard drive, or other Ethernet-equipped network hardware -- with wireless LAN connectivity. It acts as a wireless converter to bridge wireless and Ethernet. Use the Wireless to Ethernet Adapter interchangeably with your PCs and network hardware to extend and customize your wireless network to your needs.

Instant Wireless-Ready Cable/DSL Router (BEFSR41W) - This new variant of the world's best-selling Cable/DSL Router shares secured broadband Internet access and network data with all your PCs. When you’re ready, just insert a Instant Wireless PC Card to transform your Router into a Wireless Access Point, too. Then any of your PCs equipped with a wireless card may roam wire-free in your home or office network and still enjoy high-speed Internet access. ESP $99.

Instant Wireless Compact Flash Card - Designed for Pocket PCs, this 802.11b Wireless Compact Flash Card mobilizes PDA users by enabling quick and convenient access to networks and broadband Internet resources without cables or wires. Great for use in medical facilities, courtrooms, and more, the Compact Flash Card is perfect for downloading files, contacts, and Internet resources as well as syncing emails on the go. ESP $129.

Instant Wireless Print Servers (WPS11, PPS1UW) – Print from anywhere without the hassles of wiring, and use your Wireless Print Server to access other wireless PCs in peer to peer wireless mode. The wireless print server also eliminates the need for a dedicated print server PC. The print server can be remotely accessed and administrated through the network.

Marketing Director David Holt remarks, “Our presence at COMDEX Fall 2001 reveals Linksys’ perpetual innovations in the latest broadband, wireless and networking technologies. Linksys stands to gain more market momentum as we target the higher-end corporate and home sectors with latest cutting edge technology while continuing to provide complete, affordable and easy-to-use lines of Ethernet, Gigabit, phoneline, and powerline networking solutions for the Internet age.”

In addition, Linksys will launch into the Cable Modem market with the availability of the EtherFast Cable Modem with a USB and 10/100 Fast Ethernet Port. The DOCSIS 1.0 certified modem plugs into any USB-equipped PC, or plug it into a Linksys router and you have a residential gateway that gives you all the hardware you need to share a broadband connection securely, safely and with ease. ESP: $129.

The recently announced Instant PowerLine Series will also be on display. The PowerLine Router, Bridge and USB Adapter offer 14Mbps of a no new wires solution for connecting multiple PCs in different rooms, accessing and sharing an Internet connection and connecting to other Ethernet-wired PCs using the most universal infrastructure in homes -- power outlets.

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