Proxima technology facilitates wireless local number portability in telecommunications industry with Centauri business service manager

Proxima technology facilitates wireless local number portability in telecommunications industry with Centauri business service manager

Proxima Technology, today announced that their Centauri Business Service Manager (Centauri) software is helping telecommunications service providers implement a robust solution for the wireless local number portability process. LNP is the process of transferring a wireless service between carriers without changing the subscribers phone number. This regulation mandated by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is expected to take effect on November 24th, 2003.

To assure the success of the LNP process, Centauri provides wireless vendors a solution to track real-time churn rate between different carriers. Perhaps more significantly, Centauri mitigates the risks of non-compliance by mapping the IT infrastructure to the process, tracking SLAs and penalties involved and then reporting back in real-time to those responsible for the process. Where problems occur either in the execution of the process or in the infrastructure, the appropriate people are alerted. In Europe, Centauri was proven to be a success at Telecommunications carriers that include T-Mobile in the UK and Talkline in Germany.

"Centauri plays a critical role in ensuring the process of wireless number portability requests is seamless and successful by keeping us informed." says Kevin Giles, Service Delivery Team Leader, T-Mobile.

"Centauri provides T-Mobile managers with insight into the operational effectiveness of our wholesale business. Business information includes impact on provisioning systems, network operations, billing system and other activities such as service activation time, and inter-company data exchange are reported in real-time. Centauri enables us to consolidate all the information under a single pane of glass." adds Giles.

"Centauri helps Talkline ensure all systems work harmoniously to facilitate this mobile number portability process." states Frank Wehmeier, Manager of IT Data Services, Talkline.

In addition, Centauri can provide wireless vendors with the capability of reporting the impact on profit from churn activities and/or breach of performance compliance with regulatory requirements. The information is presented to business process owners and managers through a digital dashboard, as a result, enables them to make more informed decisions. Other users of the dashboard-on a more operational level-include IT managers and staff, and those involved in executing the number portability transactions from the call center. Essentially, Centauri ensures that the transition is seamless by keeping those responsible of the process informed.

"The key value that we get from using Centauri is the ability to have, in real-time, business performance information that helps our decision-makers. This enables our business managers to improve business operation, and it enables us to keep our competitive edge with new technology." Explains Giles.

The wireless number portability process involves far more than simply switching services from the donor to the recipient, other critical factors include billing systems, sales and marketing relationships, network and service management, and accounting amongst the different operators. Centauri connects to these critical applications to ensure all relevant components work harmoniously for business success.

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