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GRCīs revolutionary small office solution makes competitive, high-quality video conferencing communication finally affordable

GRCīs revolutionary small office solution makes competitive, high-quality video conferencing communication finally affordable

GrassRoots Communications, Inc. , a revolutionary Web communications leader, today announced the launch of Small Office Solutions , a high-quality Web conferencing solution for businesses worldwide. Now, even the smallest company has the capabilities to participate in instantaneous face-to-face communications by combining full video, voice, text and data. SOS allows users to share presentations, documents, spreadsheets, software applications, or even browse Web pages while seeing and talking to one another in real-time, via the World Wide Web, all for less then the cost of today's lunch.

Just one in GRC's growing arsenal of affordable, technologically advanced products, SOS boasts unique cutting-edge features that can be used to enhance any current day communications. SOS enables business users to remain in their current location while engaging in important meetings and presentations with colleagues and clients around the world. SOS wipes out the previous need for costly travel and downtime, while promoting productivity and enhanced communications, thus providing small businesses with the tools necessary to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

"We are proud to announce our newest product, GRCLive's SOS, as a formal entity of the Web-conferencing market. While just in its toddler stages, SOS has already caught the eye of three major retailers, so watch for us, or visit us directly from our website where you can download the SOS software for a FREE 14-day trial," said GRC CEO Cery Perle.

With SOS, corporate executives can meet with department heads, sales managers can give on-demand product demonstrations, teachers can tutor students, and parents of a sick child can work from their home computers, allowing users to keep a close watch on important projects or details and participate in the necessary daily business activities, regardless of geographic location.

Furthermore, the GRCLive software has a unique method of transporting data that is secure and also limits the negative impact a firewall or network address translator can have. Many other software systems that deal with audio and video require a custom network setup beyond the reach of most individuals and small businesses.

After months of anticipation and extensive beta testing, SOS is hitting the shelves ready to meet the communication needs of businesses and individuals across the globe. "In the many thousands of hours we spent testing, we worked diligently to anticipate every possible equipment combination users may have to ensure our product works as expected, and are confident that we have reached this goal and that SOS is the affordable, user-friendly communications solution that businesses and individuals have been waiting for," Perle said. "Ultimately, we are changing the way the world connects and communicates as SOS instantly turns PCs with Internet access into a professional video conferencing system."

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