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Boxlight Projectors Trim Profile

Boxlight Projectors Trim Profile

Unlike most compact projectors in today's market that seem to swell in price as they decrease in size, BOXLIGHT's new XD-17k is a ultra-lightweight unit that comes complete with a price tag as trim as its profile. At a budget-conscious $3699, BOXLIGHT's XD-17k is a value-packed projector that is just the ticket for thrifty educators, small businesses, and traveling presenters.

At a mere 3.3 lbs., and as portable as an averaged-sized hardcover book (8.9 in. x 2 in. x 6.9 in), the XD-17k can be easily packed in carry-on luggage for the on-the-go presenter. This svelte model also offers true 1024 x 768 XGA resolution (compressed 1280 x 1024 SXGA), which is compatible with most of today's laptops. With 1100 ANSI lumens, the XD-17k is bright enough to conquer most lighting situations.

Simultaneously project images onto a screen and on a desktop computer by using the XD-17k's monitor loop-through. Not usually offered in projectors of such a lightweight stature, this feature can be especially beneficial in educational or conference room settings. Furthermore, presenters will never be upstaged by the hum of the projector's ultra-quiet 35-dB fan.

Utilize a wide array of multimedia devices to create a unique and memorable presentation experience with the XD-17k's audio, computer, and component, S-video, and composite video inputs. In addition, dual digital/analog connectivity allows presenters a choice of computer imaging platforms.

The XD-17k is not only a great choice for business applications, but for home theater as well. Class B certification means that this unit has been designed to not interfere with other home electronics. A component video connection offers the highest quality image output available, while HDTV compatibility means that the XD-17k can take advantage of the sharpest television signals and images broadcast today.

The XD-17k comes complete with a multi-function laser pointer remote that allows presenters to access a number of the unit's key features including digital keystone adjustment, which squares-up an image at the touch of a button. Digital zoom imaging, also available on the remote, helps presenters draw attention to specific details on the screen.

Packed with features that work perfectly in a business or education setting, the XD-17k is also lightweight enough for the travelling presenter to pack away in carry-on luggage. This unit offers the ultimate fusion of portability, professional features and affordability to make every presentation shine.

All BOXLIGHT projectors are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, two-year parts and labor warranty and a 120-day lamp guarantee. In addition, Boxlight offers lifetime 24-hour technical support with all its branded products, and a 60-day upgrade policy to ensure that each product sold precisely fits the needs of the customer. The company guarantees that its rigorously tested products are the finest made anywhere in the world.

BOXLIGHT sells display and projection technology under it's own brand of BOXLIGHT Certified equipment, as well as the most innovative, high quality products from trusted brands such as InFocus, Hitachi, Sony, Proxima and Epson. The company also offers professional services to enhance every aspect of presentations from content development to the finishing touches. BOXLIGHT's Creative Services division can assist presenters in polishing existing presentations, animating company logos and developing full-blown professional presentations from scratch.

BOXLIGHT, in partnership with American Express Equipment Finance, also offers a convenient Web-based leasing program with low monthly payments, flexible terms and purchase options. With fast online credit approval, a leased unit can be shipped out the same day. For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see lcd projection tv.

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