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InFocus announces data,video projector trade-in program

InFocus announces data,video projector trade-in program

InFocus, the worldwide leader in data/video projectors, today announced the expansion of its customer services to include a data/video projector Technology Upgrade Program that allows customers to trade in used InFocus projectors for credit towards the purchase of new products. Building on the excellence of its existing customer service programs, including a remanufactured product program, 24x7 support and extensive warranties, the addition of the Technology Upgrade Program provides InFocus customers with a comprehensive selection of purchasing and upgrading options.

"Providing our customers with unparalleled product quality, superior post-sale support and extensive options to reduce the cost of ownership, are top priorities for InFocus," said Bob Betts, InFocus vice president and general manager of service. "The Technology Upgrade Program combined with our other industry leading customer support programs such as Priority Care and 24x7 technical support, give our customers the assurance that their InFocus data/video projectors will be safe investments, current with the most recent technology and always available to users."

InFocus' Technology Upgrade Program lets customers purchase new projectors at lower costs and stretches budgets further by giving used products cash value. At any time, customers can trade in used InFocus projectors for "trade-in value" credit towards the purchase of new projectors complete with the latest technology and the newest and easiest to use features.

The pre-owned projectors returned under the Technology Upgrade Program are then reconditioned, tested, re-packaged and made available to customers at significantly reduced prices for price sensitive buyers. InFocus' remanufactured products fully meet the company's quality standards and come with a one-year limited warranty and optional service plans. Projectors available through this program include products from InFocus' award-winning fixed-installation, conference room and personal projector lines.

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