Wireless Meeting Room Projectors
Wireless Meeting Room Projectors – A New Breed

Wireless Meeting Room Projectors – A New Breed

InFocus introduces a new breed of installation-ready projectors that enable an era of wireless projection, convenience and collaboration.

InFocus Corporation, the worldwide leader in digital projection technology and services, will unveil a new family of meeting room and installation projectors, that are powerful, flexible, easy to use and leverage InFocus' most recent advances in wireless technology. The LP820 is the first in a strategic rollout of an entire family of installation and integration projectors that will be introduced and made available throughout the summer.

The LP820 marks the first new meeting room projector to support InFocus LiteShow, the secure wireless digital projection solution announced earlier this month. In addition to supporting new projectors, LiteShow will also work with any legacy projector with an M1-DA connector. In a wireless environment, the LP820 can create a collaborative atmosphere where users can securely project their ideas from anywhere in the room on a shared projector. The LP820 also includes an innovative, interactive, smart display panel that guides the user through the set-up process and leads to smooth glitch-free presentations. The panel is available in 12 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Simplified Chinese Simple and Chinese Traditional.

At 13 pounds and featuring 3,000 lumens, the LP820 exudes flexibility and ease of use in the form of three optional lenses to accommodate all room sizes. User-replaceable bayonet lenses can be changed without tools -- just push and twist.

In addition, the LP820 supports ProjectorManager, the free software application from InFocus that gives users complete control of the projector from their laptop, turning any PC into an advanced projector remote control. Now users can remotely adjust projector settings from their laptop, switch sources, even access features not available from the projector's onboard menu system, including power management controls and presentation collaboration tools.

Later this summer, InFocus will introduce the LP840, which is a powerful 15-pound projector that features power zoom, focus and lens shift. The LP840 will also be compatible with InFocus LiteShow, enabling a wireless installation solution.

"InFocus customers expect a projection system to fit the needs of their specific meeting room with flexibility and compatibility with any source and almost any resolution," said Kyle Ranson, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing at InFocus Corporation. "The LP820 is the ultimate in customer experience for projector users and speaks to what our customers are telling us are absolutely essential to their success."

The LP820 is also compatible with ProjectorNet out of the box. ProjectorNet is InFocus' client/server-based networking solution designed to allow IT and facilities personnel to manage multiple projectors from a single PC. ProjectorNet gives corporations, universities and other organizations the power to manage and improve their projector ROI just as they would other shared computing and communication assets such as PCs and printers by minimizing theft, maximizing usage time and improving proactive maintenance. ProjectorNet is ideally suited for sites with multiple installed projectors distributed across various rooms, floors or buildings --sites such as corporate office parks, government facilities and universities.

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