Branded Projectors
Branded Projectors Innovative Advancement

Branded Projectors Innovative Advancement

InFocus Corporation, the worldwide leader in digital projection technology and services, announced today the release of ProjectorNet 2.0, which delivers another innovative advancement aimed at maximizing projector return on investment by enabling customers to remotely monitor, control and troubleshoot a larger selection of models and brands "out of the box" than any other solution.

ProjectorNet 2.0 is the result of co-development efforts between InFocus and Spinoza Technology and is based on Spinoza's platform, which is the industry's developing defacto standard for Windows-based asset management over the network.

ProjectorNet 2.0 empowers corporations, universities and other organizations to remotely monitor, maintain and control their projectors just as they manage assets such as PCs and printers. With support for more than thirty models of InFocus, Proxima and ASK projectors, in addition to hundreds of other branded projectors, ProjectorNet 2.0 offers the most complete management solution for businesses and institutions.

"We continue to provide our customers with innovative solutions that will maximize the ROI of their digital projection investment," said Kyle Ranson, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing of InFocus Corporation. "Developing products that support emerging standards will drive the deployment of network-based asset management and the overall market for projector installation."

Created to help minimize theft, maximize utilization and coordinate proactive maintenance, ProjectorNet 2.0 is ideally suited for sites such as corporate office parks, government facilities and universities with multiple installed projectors distributed across various rooms, floors or buildings.

ProjectorNet 2.0 reduces the total cost of ownership of projectors by enabling IT and AV organizations to extend the life of their projectors, avoid projector downtime and stay ahead of maintenance issues with proactive alerts. ProjectorNet 2.0 is also compatible with existing network management applications, so it is easily integrated into most enterprise environments.

"With ProjectorNet 2.0, InFocus is demonstrating its industry leadership and spirit of innovation by advancing the standard for comprehensive PC-based asset management," said Randy Massengale, President, Spinoza Technology. "ProjectorNet enables IT professionals to proactively diagnose a problem, which minimizes the resources required to maintain and troubleshoot projectors on several floors or buildings across a campus."

In addition to power on/off scheduling, remote management and e-mail event notifications, ProjectorNet 2.0 now includes these key enhancements:

-- Expanded projector controls including keystone, brightness, volume and other settings
-- SNMP and DHCP support for seamless network integration
-- Compatibility with nearly 300 projector models from InFocus, Proxima, ASK and other manufacturers.
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