Infocus Personal Projectors – For The Tech Savvy

Infocus Personal Projectors – For The Tech Savvy

It's the ultimate style statement for "tech savvy" road warriors who want to project larger than life.

In the way PDAs changed mobile computing, InFocus Corporation, the worldwide leader in digital projection technology and services, is redefining mobile projection again with the announcement of the InFocus LP120, the world's first wireless-ready, smart, personal projector.

The LP120 works with InFocus LiteShow, the new wireless solution that enables the easiest, most secure wireless projection. LiteShow provides the power of freedom and flexibility, enabling users to project anytime and anywhere. In addition, LiteShow minimizes equipment set-up and teardown and prevents lost or forgotten cables.

Gone are the days of standing around the projector before a meeting worried about its working status. The LP120 is the first projector ever to feature a smart, interactive display that provides plain language feedback in seven languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Italian. The LP120's interactive display lets the user know the working status of the projector (i.e. when it is on and ready for use, if a lamp needs to be replaced), which makes it easier and more intuitive to operate and maintain, and increases the overall value of the system.

Weighing in at a feather-light, sub two pounds (0.9 kg), the LP120 presents a sleek, narrow profile as thin as a paperback book in the shape of a boarding pass that was designed to fit into a briefcase along side a notebook computer, making it easy to stow and carry all in one bag.

The design sets the benchmark for simplicity-of-use and unencumbered portability. The LP120 packs the power of larger projectors while being the ultimate statement of freedom, flexibility and quality for business professionals who want to project their best ideas as well as their best image--all from one piece of luggage (the projector comes with a protective sleeve instead of a traditional carry case).

"In response to our customer and partner research, we have developed the lightest, most stylish projector that communicates back to the user making it the easiest projector to set-up, use and maintain," said John V. Harker, Chairman, President and CEO of InFocus. "We've made it possible to take projectors anywhere without compromising the confidence of those presenting. This progressive, innovative approach to product design keeps us at the forefront of meeting the needs of our customers."

The revolutionary size and shape of this new projector did not deter InFocus from delivering XGA (1024 x 768) native resolution, 1100 lumens, a 2000:1 contrast ratio and 16.7 million colors into the LP120. The projector can throw an image between 2.7" to 22.2' wide from distances of 1.5 to 5 meters. Using UHP BackMirror technology from Philips, the LP120 is the first projector to include an innovative lamp system called UHP Micro Lamp allowing the smaller, more convenient size not typically found with projectors.

"It's exciting to see that within five years, the size and weight of a Philips UHP system has been reduced with a factor 10 by introducing the UHP BackMirror lamp technology and the UHP Microbar driver for the first time in the InFocus LP120," said Garrett A.G. Forde, General Manager UHP Systems and Vice President Philips Lighting. "Together with InFocus, we believe this new lamp system is an great value for customers and achieves an excellent projection performance."

InFocus continues the tradition of industry firsts with the announcement of a unique partnership of presentation and style for the LP120. InFocus has teamed with Coach, Inc., a leading American marketer of quality leather goods and fine accessories, to create the exclusive Coach Edition LP120, an elegant marriage of cutting-edge technology and style. The LP120 Coach Edition is a custom leather briefcase made by Coach. It is uniquely designed to accommodate both projector and laptop computer, and includes color-coded compartments to match the color-coded cables that come with the projector.

"We are always looking to provide the modern consumer with updated products that fit their ever-changing lifestyle," said Kate Buggeln, Senior Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Business Development for Coach. "In-Focus' LP120 offers sleek styling with top of the line function. Coach wanted to create a fashionable briefcase to complement its design."

InFocus has long understood that a user projecting a presentation needs to look comfortable with technology, in control of the meeting, and have clear, bright and large images to present. The LP120 features the customary design elements that InFocus is famous for. The LP120 will be available in several color options (including a limited edition color available exclusively through the InFocus Store) and is notable for a modern design that exudes professionalism.

For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see infocus digital home projector.

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