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Portability, power and clarity make 3M's newest electronic projection systems shine

Portability, power and clarity make 3M's newest electronic projection systems shine

According to a recent survey conducted by 3M, 83 million people meet each day, creating a strong need for effective, smart meeting solutions. Whether it is Post-it Notes and Post-it Easel Pads, multimedia projectors or an online information resource, 3M is the only company ready to meet the professional world's meeting challenges.

At Infocomm '99, 3M Visual Systems Division will showcase five new multimedia projectors that will fit every presenter's need, from a powerful tool for large-group presentations to light weight solutions for the road warrior. Emphasizing its role as the leading supplier of group communications and productivity solutions, 3M introduces the 3M Multimedia Projector MP8750 and the 3M Multimedia Projector MP8725, two new products which utilize the latest in technology to provide the best presentation for any audience. 3M will also preview three of its upcoming solutions, the 3M Multimedia Projector MP8780, the 3M Multimedia Projector MP8635 and the 3M Multimedia Projector MP8670.

"We realize that meetings and presentations are becoming as individualized as the presenter," said Bob Richards, business unit manager for 3M Electronic Projection Systems. "3M is committed to providing the most effective solutions to fit each presenter's style and meeting need. Our newest multimedia projectors represent our commitment to provide a diverse range of electronic projection systems to meet every need."

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