Single-chip DLP Projector
Single-Chip DLP Projector 3000:1 Contrast Ratio

Single-Chip DLP Projector 3000:1 Contrast Ratio

NEC Solutions Inc. today set a new standard for image quality with the introduction of its first ShowCase Series digital entertainment projector for residential and commercial use, the HT1000.

The new projector features a 3000:1 contrast ratio -- nearly doubling the performance of any other home entertainment projector available today.

"NEC's new HT1000 gives users the ultimate sensory experience," said Don Fasick, portable projector product manager for NEC Solutions America, Visual Systems division. "It gives users the ability to project a stunning image of up to 200" in a family room or home theater for larger-than-life display of everything from cable TV and HDTV to video games, computers, digital pictures and their favorite DVDs."

"The HT1000 looks like an outstanding achievement," said Evan Powell of ProjectorCentral after testing a preproduction unit. "Contrast is leading edge for digital projectors, and color looks dead-on accurate. Even S-video from a cheap DVD player looks stunning ... Overall, for the money it is the best single-chip DLP projector I've yet seen."

NEC utilizes several technologies to achieve its groundbreaking image quality, including its proprietary new SweetVision Technology, a chip-based technology that increases the contrast for more vibrant images, more realistic colors, and richer, more detailed blacks. The HT1000's variable IRIS feature, an adjustable lever that lets the user stop down the lens aperture to fine-tune the contrast and brightness relationship, helps the projector reach even greater contrast ratio levels that far exceed the levels previously attained by single-chip DLP and three-chip LCD projectors.

The HT1000's image quality is further enhanced by NEC's enhanced 3D 10-bit video decoder, which improves image luminance and color and reduces noise for an enhanced overall viewing experience, and by Faroudja DCDi technology for smooth and natural images even when viewing standard interlaced video.

NEC's exclusive 3D Reform technology uses horizontal, vertical and diagonal keystone correction to let users set up the projector virtually anywhere in the room and still get an aligned image. And with comprehensive aspect ratio control, the HT1000 makes it possible to view movies, DVDs and HDTV all on the big screen in their native 16:9, 1.85:1, and 2.35:1 formats. The HT1000 can even fill a 16:9 screen with 4:3 content in a non-linear manner so that the image doesn't appear stretched. With NEC's unique vertical image shift feature, the projected image can also be positioned to the top of the screen, eliminating the black bars seen with selected sources and aspect ratios.

With security features like password protection, a control panel lock function and a lock slot, the HT1000 gives users peace of mind. It also gives users an EcoMode lower light output option that extends the projector's lamp life and lowers fan noise to a barely audible 29dB. The HT1000 additionally comes equipped with a digital photo viewer for larger-than-life enjoyment of digital photos from a PC card or CompactFlash. And with one-touch setup and operation, built-in 2Wx2 speakers with 3D sound, and a full-function remote, the HT1000 can be easily integrated for almost instant enjoyment.

Complete Service and Support Program The HT1000 is backed by two years of NEC's industry-leading warranty coverage. Optional extended coverage is also available, including InstaCare projector repair and return within five business days. According to Pacific Media Associates' 2001 Large Display Reseller Survey, NEC ranked highest among all display manufacturers for its warranty and repair/return programs, as well as for its end-user support and knowledgeable, responsive support persons.

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