LCD Projector Drive Electronics Boards
LCD Projector Drive Electronic Boards High Resolution

LCD Projector Drive Electronic Boards High Resolution

To meet the demanding cost and performance requirements of higher resolution displays for the home theater market, ADI has added a new member to its DecDriver family of drive electronics architectures for microdisplays. The AD8381 eases front or rear projection system design through fast, high-speed decimating input logic that can be loaded left to right, or vice-versa. The AD8381 also eliminates the need for external amplifiers and calibration cycles by providing laser-trimmed accurate, fast settling time imaging signals and a full 9-18 V power supply range. The AD8381 represents a complete, feature-rich solution for projection system design, and includes logic-controlled inversion and voltage-controlled mid-scale, brightness and contrast controls. This complete solution dramatically reduces the size and cost of LCD projector drive electronics boards. The AD8381 DecDriver architecture enables a modular design approach for high-quality projection systems with resolutions to WXGA and beyond.

The AD8381 provides a fast, 10-bit latched decimating digital input that drives 6-channel, high-voltage drive outputs. The voltage outputs are laser trimmed for absolute accuracy. The 10-bit input word is sequentially multiplexed into six separate high-speed, bipolar DACs. Flexible digital input formats allow several AD8381s to be used in parallel for higher resolution displays. The E/O (even/odd) feature allows the multiplexing of multiple AD8381 outputs for higher speed, higher resolution system designs. High-voltage output amplifiers drive to within 1.3 V of the rails. For maximum flexibility, the output signal of the AD8381 can be adjusted for DC signal reference, signal inversion and contrast.

The AD8381 is fabricated on ADI's XFCB26 (Extra Fast Complementary Bipolar 26 V) process, providing fast input logic, trimmed accuracy bipolar DACs and fast settling, high-voltage precision drive amplifiers on the same chip. The AD8381 dissipates nominally 0.57 W of static power. A standby pin reduces power to a minimum, with fast recovery.

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