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Plus vision encourages effective use of multimedia in the classroom with Idaho projector grant program

Plus vision encourages effective use of multimedia in the classroom with Idaho projector grant program

PLUS Vision Corporation of America, the leader in projector miniaturization technology, today introduces a projector grant program for educators in the state of Idaho to improve learning through multimedia-enhanced instruction in more Idaho classrooms. Through the new grant program, PLUS Vision will offer its full line of projectors to Idaho educators at a reduced rate.

"The widespread benefits of using multimedia in the classroom, including increased interest and information retention among students, have resulted in substantial demand for the technology from educators," said S. Mark Hand, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for PLUS Vision. "Through this program, we hope to make projectors affordable to all Idaho schools as well as begin educating teachers on their effective use."

The Idaho grant program represents PLUS Vision's commitment to education and to making multimedia-enhanced instruction possible in every school. PLUS Vision hopes to implement similar programs in other states in the near future. PLUS Vision also provides training, installation and a loaner program for its projectors to make it easier for educators to implement multimedia in the classroom.

In addition to the Idaho grant program, PLUS Vision grants three projectors to a selected school once per quarter through the Education Spotlight Program.

PLUS Vision was recently honored by Media & Methods Magazine as a 2003 Awards Portfolio Winner for the performance of its projectors in a classroom setting. In addition to its full line of projectors, PLUS Vision offers electronic copyboards and interactive whiteboards to enhance the learning experience.

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