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Silicon Optix image processor chosen by Runco International for its advanced home theater systems

Silicon Optix image processor chosen by Runco International for its advanced home theater systems

Silicon Optix Inc., a fabless semiconductor company focused on the convergence of silicon and optics, announced today that Runco International has selected the Silicon Optix sxW1-LX Advanced Image Processor for its next generation, advanced home theater systems. Runco produces high-quality home theater projectors and processors designed to deliver the ultimate picture quality for all types of home entertainment enthusiasts., in the USA and europeon markets.

“Choosing the Silicon Optix sxW1-LX image processor for our highly advanced, next generation home theater platforms was an easy decision to make; at Runco, we constantly strive to offer the world’s best home theater systems, and that means using the world’s most advanced image processing engine available for digital video systems. The sxW1-LX not only gives our products the high-end image scaling we so proudly achieve in all our products, but also provides the unique ability to project onto curved screens with the exact wide-screen aspect ratio the movie theaters show, greatly enhancing the home theater viewing experience and is something you must see to believe,” said Sam Runco, President & CEO of Runco International. “We’re proud to have such an exciting and cutting-edge product available to home theater enthusiasts, and the sxW1-LX image processor made it all possible.”

“The home theater market incorporates a multitude of display types, something Runco is well positioned to offer the consumer. From digital front projectors to high-resolution large-screen plasma TV’s, Runco can take full advantage of the Silicon Optix advanced image processing,” said Dennis Crespo, Vice President of Marketing, Silicon Optix. “In addition to advanced scaling and distortion correction, the Silicon Optix sxW1-LX is capable of performing AnyPlace flexible projector placement, as well as arbitrary image rotation, advanced color reproduction, frame-rate conversion, de-interlacing, and picture-in-picture.”

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