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Samsung's advanced 3-panel LCD projection TVs with DNIe technology

Samsung's advanced 3-panel LCD projection TVs with DNIe technology

Samsung, the world leading TV manufacturer, has introduced an advanced projection television series featuring 2nd-generation 3-Panel LCD panel display technology in Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. Samsungs 3-Panel LCD Projection TVs (43/50/61) are HDTV-ready, with image quality that far exceeds that of conventional projection TVs.

The new TVs also feature Samsungs DNI (Digital Natural Image engine), achieving superior image quality by Motion optimizer, Contrast enhancement, Detail enhancement, and Color optimizer.

The 3-Panel LCD Projection TV boasts a number of visual enhancement measures. The triple LCD panels each have 920,000 pixels, which adds up to a total of 2.76 million high-definition pixels (1280x720x3). Lifelike images are provided with 500cd/m2 brightness and 600:1 contrast ratio.

This innovative visual algorithm reproduces every image detail without noise or flicker. Three-dimensional analysis is used to generate still picture as well as motion pictures without blurring or noise. The 720-line progressive scan further enhances image quality to ensure flicker-free, crisp, clear pictures.
Samsung 3-Panel LCD Projection TVs produce 60W of sound from a center speaker and 2 tweeters for the high fidelity required in home theater applications. The On-screen Graphic Equalizer enables the bass, mid-range, and treble settings to be adjusted easily and with precision.

Samsung 3-Panel LCD Projection TVs are unusually thin and light for models of their sizes. The 43" and 50" models weigh less than half a conventional 34 CRT TV and are thinner. A special anti-glare coating minimizes reflection from exterior light, making viewing easy on the eyes.

With the new DVI (digital visual interface) HDTV interface, the 3-Panel LCD Projection TVs offer the most accurate representation of the original digital video source. The projection TV can also be connected to a computer to serve as an extended graphics array big-screen computer monitor. Samsungs new TVs are multimedia-ready, fully compatible with PCs, digital set-top boxes, DVD players, game consoles, digital camcorders, and much more. The 3-Panel LCD Projection TVs are ideal for either home entertainment or business multitasks.

The Samsung 3-Panel LCD projection TV is more than a refinement; it is an evolution. This is the ultimate tabletop home theater solution, combining state-of-the-art digital picture quality and features such as the DVI interface with a slim and attractive design. In fact, the 46 version was recently awarded one of the worlds most important design accolades, an Eisa Award for its sleek, clean design and narrow space shaving space.

The new line of Samsung 3-Panel LCD Projection televisions consists of the following models. All models are equipped with DNIe technology.

Type / Format
SP-43L2H / 43 inch in screen format 16:9
SP-46L5H / 46 inch in screen format 16:9
SP-50L2H / 50 inch in screen format 16:9
SP-56L5H / 56 inch in screen format 16:9
SP-61L2H / 61 inch in screen format 16:9

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