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Taking your top performance PC to new heights

Taking your top performance PC to new heights

The first step after Guillemot's acquisition of Hercules is the announcement of Hercules' new 3D Prophet DDR-DVI graphics accelerator. The forthcoming 3D Prophet DDR-DVI is the most eagerly awaited 3D graphics accelerator on the market. It will feature the new GeForce 256 DDR chipset and a DVI-OUT connection to enhance the quality of new technologies such as flat panel monitors, digital CRTs and LCD projectors. With 32MB of DDR RAM, the 3D Prophet DDR-DVI will provide the perfect gaming solution for top configuration PCs, creating a new platform for those who want absolute power and an unrivaled gaming experience.

"3D Prophet DDR-DVI will deliver the highest performance game play and will satisfy the most demanding hardcore gamers with high-performance systems, " says Claude Guillemot, President of Guillemot Corporation.

DVI output

With it's DVI-Out (Digital Visual Interface) feature, the 3D Prophet DDR-DVI will enable users to have full access to all the new image enhancing technologies. In addition, all major monitor manufacturers support this new standard for digital display. 3D Prophet DDR-DVI guarantees high-resolution display on digital monitors, flat panel monitors and LCD projectors. 3D Prophet DDR-DVI displays up to 1600 x 1200 in 16 million colors with incredible sharpness and true 32-bit color. A hardware accelerator for DVD-Video playback, it also lets users playback DVD-Video on their PC or TV through the TV/Video Output (NTSC & PAL TV Output).

DDR memory RAM

DDR memory RAM stands for Double Data rate RAM. It is a breakthrough memory type that boosts the speed of complex graphics operations and achieves higher bandwidth. Due to its optimization for DDR RAM, 3D Prophet DDR-DVI's memory offers a bandwidth of 4.577GB/second. Using the GeForce 256 DDR architecture, this card will also accelerate the most complex animations in 3D games such as shadows, lighting and complex smooth skinned characters. Hardcore gamers will be amazed by the detail and refinement of virtual reality in the latest games. They will experience the ultimate in 3D, a pleasure usually reserved for workstations and supercomputer users.

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