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LCD Video Projectors – Panasonic Canada

LCD Video Projectors – Panasonic Canada

Sleek, compact and weighing only 2.9 kg, Panasonic Canada’s new LCD video projectors can transform a home into a home theatre in minutes. The versatile PT-AE200 and PT-AE300 LCD video projectors deliver the excitement of DVD movies in life-size grandeur, and bring new excitement to video games, TV programs, the Internet and even to home videos. The slim, stylish projectors display bright, high-contrast images in the 16:9 widescreen or conventional 4:3 format. They incorporate three high-resolution LCD panels, and their superb imaging qualities and compact, lightweight design make them ideal for parties and professional presentations as well.

The PT-AE200 is being introduced with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $3299.99. The step-up model, the PT-AE300, is available for $4399.99. "At prices far more affordable than the majority of front projectors, these new models bring, what was for many years a very high end video product, into the price range of many consumers," said Barry Murray, Director of Marketing, Display. "Now a true home theatre is within the reach of a great deal more people."

SmoothScreen Technology, available on the PT-AE300, minimises the "screen door" effect that can occur when an LCD projector shows images on a large screen. Using a double refraction crystal device, SmoothScreen technology reduces the gaps between pixels to give images the same smooth texture you enjoy at the cinema.

For maximum viewing enjoyment, the PT-AE300 features 294 equalising settings for optimal picture quality. In addition to six image modes, available on the PT-AE200, which let users adjust the picture quality to match the source, the PT-AE300, includes 7-step white level gamma correction for bright scenes and 7-step black level gamma correction for dark scenes. For example, the "Cinema 1" setting produces images with a soft, film-like quality and the "Music" setting creates vivid, dynamic pictures for viewing musical performances. On the PT-AE300, these modes can be further enhanced by using the gamma correction settings.

Both projectors are equipped with a component video input terminal to deliver optimal image quality from a progressive scan DVD player. A PC input terminal facilitates connection to PCs and game consoles. Other terminals include video, S-Video and audio inputs. Also featured is an SD Memory Card slot. Images from a digital still camera** or digital video camera*** stored on the card can be projected on a large screen, allowing users to enjoy slide shows without needing extra connection cables or other equipment.

An ultra-short throw lens can project an impressive 80-inch (diagonal measurement) 16:9 image from only 8.2 feet away. To accommodate virtually any room setting or audience size, the unit can project a stunning image from 40 inches diagonal to 200 inches diagonal, from throw distances ranging from 4 feet to 24 feet.

The LCD projectors also feature a long-life, 120W UHM lamp that achieves a brightness of 800 ANSI lumens in High Mode (700 ANSI lumens for the PT-AE200). The result is outstanding contrast and exquisite colour reproduction.

The PT-AE300 provides both vertical and horizontal keystone correction to compensate for trapezoidal image distortion when the projector is used at an angle to the screen of up to 30 degrees in any direction (up, down, left or right). Vertical keystone control on both models compensates for distortion in the up-and-down direction. Included accessories: AC power cord, lens cap, carrying case, AV cable and remote control.

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