Panasonic Canada continues to break HDTV barriers with three new 16:9 projection TVs

Panasonic Canada continues to break HDTV barriers with three new 16:9 projection TVs

Panasonic Canada introduces three new widescreen, HDTV projection televisions with manufacturerís suggested retail prices that are as attractive as the pictures they deliver.

At under $4,000 for the largest 56-inch model, Panasonic is helping bring down the barriers to owning a widescreen HDTV. Models PT-56WX53 (56-inch screen), PT-53WX53 (53-inch screen) and PT-47WX53 (47-inch screen) are fully HDTV compatible (1080i/480p) and come with standard protective glass screen covers.

"These new models clearly demonstrate Panasonicís commitment to marketing high quality, cutting-edge electronics that are accessible to a wide audience," said Barry Murray, Director of Marketing, Display.

The projection setsí 16:9 screens are the standard for HDTV broadcasts, as well as widescreen DVD movies, and allow for a variety of Picture-in-Picture and split-screen options. Able to brilliantly display 480p, 480i and High Definition 1080i signals (with a DTV-certified digital receiver), the cinema-like screens make these the ultimate TVs for any home theatre.

Features like 10-bit A/D image processing and a progressive scan converter allow these TVs to deliver high-definition broadcasts as well as digital sources such as DVDs to their fullest potential. Ten-bit A/D image processing boosts conventional grayscale gradations by a factor of four, producing four times as many shades of black and white. This results in a much brighter picture that more closely resembles the original analog source material. A progressive scan converter renders horizontal scan lines virtually invisible, resulting in a moving picture thatís close in quality to a still image.

Even movie sources get their due, with a 3:2 pulldown feature called Progressive Cinema Scan. This enhancement compensates for motion artifacts that sometimes result from the telecine process thatís used to convert filmís 24 frames-per-second to an NTSC-friendly 60 frames-per-second. This results in clear, smooth-flowing images like those experienced in the theatre.

Other picture-enhancing features include a motion-adaptive 3D Y/C digital comb filter that eliminates "hanging dots" and the colour rainbow effect in closely spaced patterns, and horizontal and vertical edge correction.

The projection setsí wide, 16:9 screens are well suited for P-I-P applications, so Panasonic gives this popular feature a makeover in 2003. First, the P-I-P picture benefits from 8-bit processing, so the inset is nearly as crisp as the main picture. The inset picture is scalable in size, from 1/16 all the way to 1/4 the screen size. Thereís also a Multi-Format Display mode, which delivers a split screen using the setsí twin tuners.

As any home theatre centerpiece should, these three new projection sets have well-appointed jack sets. Each model has four A/V inputs, including one in front; three S-Video inputs, including one in front and two sets of component inputs. Additionally, each TV is equipped with a Digital Visual Interface (DVI) with HDCP copy protection technology.

Other features of the new projection sets include Artificial Intelligence picture control, 9-point user convergence capability, and an eye-catching 3-D on-screen menu system. The sets also deliver great audio with built-in 30W speakers and a BBE High Definition Sound System.

All three models include universal A/V remote controls and a screen shield, which protects the screen from nicks, scratches, fingerprints, etc. and is very easy to clean.

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