High Resolution LCD Projector
High Resolution LCD Projector – High Brightness

High Resolution LCD Projector – High Brightness

Pioneer announced its introduction of a high resolution and high brightness LCD Reflective Data Projector. The projector, model number, RVD-XG10 has been design as a versatile presentation tool to reproduce various visual sources from high quality video pictures to high resolution computer data.

Since the PC has become a popular business tool, we are more often to present video images together with computers data at various business scene. To meet such requirements today, Pioneer has developed the RVD-XG10 as a high resolution LCD projector, which can reproduce various TV signal systems and high quality visual images come from HDTV and DVD. The company will introduce the model into the Japanese market first and then followed by the U.S. and Europe.

The RVD-XG10 adopts a newly developed reflecting type of LCD pixel, called Digital Reflective Imaging Pixel, which is much more efficient in utilizing illuminants. Pioneer also adopts a newly designed hi-brightness lamp and hi-efficient polarizing device together with the DRI. With these new devices and technology, the RVD-XG10 achieves 800ANSI lumen, which is twice as much brighter as the previous model. The model can reproduce XGA(1,024 x 768 dots) resolution completely and in addition, it has been designed to handle UXGA( 1,600 x 1,200dots) resolution(*2) by compressed display. Moreover, it can also reproduce SXGA resolution(1,280 x 1,024dots) and even HDTV by compressed and partial display.

Apart from these functions, the RVD-XG10 has been designed user-friendly in operation. It has a plug and play function of windows 95 for easy connection with a personal computer. You will be free from troublesome settings such as frequency adjustments, phase sync and display positioning. All these are done by the auto set-up function. Anybody can set it up for a presentation. The RVD-XG10 will make a visual presentation with a PC simple and easy.

(*1)HDTV with its higher resolution can only be reproduced through compressed picture signals.

(*2)ANSI lumen is a unit of luminance.

Main Feautres:

1. Multi TV signal systems ready. It can reproduce NTSC, PAL and SECAM.

2. Ready for various resolution levels.
XGA (1,024 x 768dots) : fully compatible.
UXGA (1,600 x 1,200dots) : compressed display.
SXGA (1,280 x 1,024dots) : compressed and partial display
SVGA (800 x 600dots) : enlarged or a window display.
VGA (640 x 480dots) : enlarged or a window display.

3. 800ANSI lumen, hi-brightness.
A newly developed hi brightness lamp (150w) and hi-efficiency polarizing device can make it clearly visible under normal room lighting.

4. Plug in & Play, Automatic set-up function for easy operation.
Only you have to do is to plug the RVD-XG10 into your personal computer, then optimum setting of resolution, frequency , phase and display position will be done automatically. (To use this function, it should be connected to a PC with Windows95 VESA DDC and to a graphic accelerator.)

5. Slim design and portable size.
The slim design makes the unit handy and wonft be a hindrance of your sight.Its height is only 130mm and its lens is stored in the main body for protection.

6. The simple remote control unit and 4 steps digital zooming function are for simple, easy and handy operation.

7. Versatile installation. The unit has image reversing function, up and down and right and left, therefore it can be installed from the ceiling or even behind the screen.

Main Specifications

Display Method : Reflective Type DRI LCD RGB 3 Panels
LCD Panel : 0.937inch x 3
Number of Pixels : 807,040 ( 1,040 x 776 ) x 3
Lens : Motorized Zoom/ Focus Lenses
Light Source : 150W (Novarc H-150)
Brightness : 800ANSI lumen
Color Reproduction : Full color (16.7million colors)
Screen Size : 38 ] 300inches
Projection Distance : 1.8 ] 11.2meters
Scan. Frequency :
Hor. 15.6 ] 82kHz ( Analog RGB input 24 ] 82kHz) , Ver. 59 ] 75Hz
Input Terminals :
2 Analog RBG (Mini D-Sub15pins)/2 Audio (Stere Mini Jacks)
1 Video (RCA/S-terminal with priority in S signal)
1 Audio (RCA pin L, R)
Control RS232C (D-Sub 9pins)
Audio Output : 2W + 2W Stereo
Output :
1 Analog RGB (Mini D-Sub 15pins)
1 Audio ( Stereo mini jack, RGB/Video selector)
Power Supply : AC100V ] 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption : 280W
Dimensions : 330(W) x 416(D) x 130(H)mm
Weight : 8.3kg
Attachments :
A power wire 2m, Computer connecting cable 2.8m,
Mac Adopter , PC98 Adopter, an AV cable,
an Audio cable(stereo mini), a lens cap, a wireless
remote control, 2 batteries, instruction manual,
a test floppy disc, a RS232C cable and a convertible plug For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see lcd projection tv.

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