Canon introduces its first microportable LCD multimedia projector for business

Canon introduces its first microportable LCD multimedia projector for business

Canon Canada, Inc., the company whose imaging solutions give people Know How, today introduces an easy-to-carry microportable LCD (liquid crystal display) projector with enhanced brightness and resolution features for businesses, the small office/home office and even everyday home. A lightweight yet full-featured and durable projector that can be transported easily, the new Canon LV-5100 portable plug-and-play multimedia projector emphasizes the latest optical technology, providing image projection capability to a screen size of up to 200 inches.

The LV-5100 is Canon's first microportable LCD projector. At only 5.95 pounds, it is as light as most laptop computers. It measures 7 x 3 x 12 inches (excluding legs). Additional options for using the LV-5100 are provided through a ceiling function and a rear function that reverses the projected image accordingly for either ceiling mounting or for use with a rear projection screen.

The LV-5100 projects 700 ANSI lumens, the highest in the SVGA microportable class. It supports HDTV and DVD component inputs, reproduces images with minimal blurring of colors, and supports regular and wide screen aspect ratios. Digital Keystone smoothly compensates for trapezoidal distortion, producing a square picture for images projected at an angle of up to +/-15 degrees. Rapid increases in fan speed reduce noise to permit quieter operation than conventional projectors.

The LV-5100 is available in February for a suggested retail price of $5,000 CDN.

"LCD projectors are a popular and important presentation tool at large conferences and other major events, and we see the demand for microportable LCD projectors growing dramatically," says Ian Macfarlane, Vice President and General Manager, Photographic Products Group, Canon Canada Inc. "Businesses are requiring smaller, lighter and less expensive projectors. Microportable LCD projectors are providing companies and consumers with these requirements along with advanced projection features."

Description of Features

Design: Consistent with Canon's entire LV series of projectors, body panels are slightly curved and have a semi-transparent glacial blue color. Operation keys are arranged for easy access and can be located in dim light.

Projection: Screen size up to 200 inches, and manual zoom and manual focus. A digital zoom can be used to enlarge any portion of the presentation screen. Subsequent screen can be cued without pausing or projecting an unnecessary screen operation.

Lumens: 700 ANSI permits large screen presentations in bright meeting rooms. A short arc 120W UHP lamp provides high brightness with color balance. Provides real projection of SVGA (800 x 600). XGA and SXGA are projected with high quality through digital compression.

HDTV/DVD Input: Supports color difference signal (Y, Pb/Cb, Pr/Cr) input, which makes it possible to reproduce images with minimal color blurring. Composite and S-video inputs also are available.

Picture Screen Adjustments: The projector has a picture screen resize function that enables users to display one of three image sizes - regular for a 4x3 aspect ratio; wide for a wide screen 16x9 aspect ratio, or keystone to smoothly compensate for trapezoidal distortion in the projected image. This is caused by a positional offset between screen and projector. Keystone compensates for an angle of up to +/- 15 degrees, providing a square image without any need to adjust the height of the unit.

Gamma Compensation: Directly control brightness of intermediate gradations to prevent moving portions of the projected image to solid white or solid black.

Plug-and-Play: Images projected immediately after connecting to PC or AV equipment -- no adjustments are required. Provides multiscan, auto detection of the video signal, automatic optimization of tracking and image position, and a graphical user interface for easy adjustment of the projected image.

Power/Lamp Management: Lamp life is extended by the power management function, which reduces power consumption when the projector is not in use. This function turns off the projection lamp when the projector detects signal interruption, or when a button is not pressed for over five minutes. The projection lamp automatically turns on again when the projector detects the signal, or when any operation button is pressed.

For more information, about projectors and digital projection devices see lcd projection tv.

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