Mitsubishi Digital Lcd Projector
Mitsubishi Digital LCD Projector – Three Optional Lenses

Mitsubishi Digital LCD Projector – Three Optional Lenses

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America’s Presentation Products Division, maker of award-winning, high-quality presentation and display products, has announced that three optional lenses are available for its projectors. Manufactured exclusively for Mitsubishi Digital by ISCO-OPTIC, a global lens manufacturer based in Germany, the lenses can be used with the X400, X390, X300 and S250 LCD projectors.

“These precision long-throw or telephoto lenses add a new dimension to our projectors,” said James Chan, senior product manager, Mitsubishi Digital. “They allow our projectors to throw greater distances, which means presenters have more venue options and greater flexibility in using our ColorView Projectors.”

Along with presenting in small conference rooms, large venue users now have the option of using their Mitsubishi ColorView portable projectors for longer throw applications in settings such as hotel ballrooms, churches or auditoriums. Computer and video images can expand up to 25-feet diagonally, from over 110-feet away.

“It’s great news for people who present in larger venues—now they may use our patented and award-winning ColorView Natural Color Matrix, available only in Mitsubishi projectors, in all venues,” added Chan.

ColorView enables truer, more accurate, more realistic color for computer graphics and video displays in Mitsubishi’s LCD projectors. Unlike any other projector on the market today, both RGB and CMY color palettes can be independently controlled and adjusted like a graphic equalizer, offering presenters ultimate flexibility in creating more accurate colors and realistic images.

The ISCO-OPTIC lenses are offered at fixed focal lengths of 93mm, 112mm and 150mm; carry an MSRP of $2,195 for each, and are currently available through Mitsubishi Digital’s Preferred Presentation Dealers.

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