MultiSync Portable LCD Projectors
MultiSync Portable LCD Projectors Newly Enhanced

MultiSync Portable LCD Projectors Newly Enhanced

Strengthening its position as the superior choice for conference-room projection systems, NEC Technologies today announced the newly enhanced generation of its award-winning MultiSync MT Series projectors. This strong line-up includes the MultiSync MT830+, MultiSync MT1030+ and MultiSync MT1035+ projectors.

Targeted at training rooms, classrooms and presentation facilities, the MultiSync MT+ Series projectors offer a full set of features to accommodate the demanding presentation needs of today's business professionals. Due to their increased brightness, excellent image quality, SVGA and XGA resolution capabilities and low cost of ownership, these new projectors are perfect for a variety of portable or fixed installation situations.

"With more companies looking for permanent projection solutions, NEC Technologies wanted to offer a line of projectors that were ideal for all settings, whether it be a new installation, a CRT replacement or a rear-screen set-up," said Don Fasick, product manager with NEC Technologies' Visual Systems Division. "By combining a simple installation process with a lightweight form factor, NEC Technologies was able to create projectors ideal for both fixed and portable operation."

Like its predecessors, the MultiSync MT+ Series projectors incorporate Advanced AccuBlend technology, which uses an intelligent pixel blending system to display remarkably true low and high-resolution scaled images. Advanced AccuBlend technology also uses keystone correction to adjust the image distortion that can be created by sharp projection angles, resulting in a perfectly square image on the screen.

To further enhance image quality, the MultiSync MT830+, MultiSync MT1030+ and MultiSync MT1035+ projectors also feature a three-line digital comb filter that allows the projector to dramatically improve video images. By removing artifacts from the video source, the filter provides users with more accurate color reproduction and ultimately a clearer image. At the same time, AutoSense technology provides automatic synchronization to users' systems for multiple platform compatibility providing optimal presentation effectiveness. For those looking for a quality fixed installation, each MultiSync MT+ Series projector can be ordered with a quick-release or deluxe ceiling mount, a BNC adapter cable and an IR receiver.

Users who prefer to keep their projector portable have the option of purchasing a PC card viewer, which allows users to store and transport their presentations on a PCMCIA card and eliminates the need to transport a laptop along with the projector. To run the presentation, simply insert the card into the PC card viewer and turn on the projector.

The MultiSync MT830+ projector offers 800 x 600 (SVGA) resolution and can support 1024 x 768 using Advanced AccuBlend technology. For Macintosh users, the projector is compatible to 1024x768 resolution with Advanced AccuBlend. The MultiSync MT1030+ and MultiSync MT1035+ offer 1024 x 768 (XGA) resolution as well as 1280 x 1024 using Advanced AccuBlend technology. In addition, the projectors are compatible with up to 1280 x 1024 resolution with Advanced AccuBlend for Macintosh users.

Surpassing brightness ratings in earlier MultiSync MT Series projectors, the MultiSync MT830+, MultiSync MT1030+ and MultiSync MT1035+ projectors offer image brightness ratings of 1250 ANSI lumens, 1100 ANSI lumens and 1400 ANSI lumens respectively. In addition, all three projectors have a contrast ratio of over 300:1 and weigh in at approximately 16 pounds.

Two years of InstaCare coverage comes standard with each projector, giving customers the assurance of overnight replacement or 72-hour repair and return service in the event of a malfunction. NEC Technologies pays for overnight delivery to and from the customer in both the U.S. and Canada. The service is available for a nominal charge for a third year. When time matters most, InstaCare Xpress, available for a nominal fee, provides for a "next available flight" replacement option. And finally, TravelCare allows any MultiSync MT or LT series customer to receive warranty service on their projector when traveling internationally, regardless of where the projector was originally purchased.

All-in-One Remote Control. A full-featured remote control provides users with the industry's latest "mouse" technology with full sweeping motion to control both the projector and the notebook computer. The remote features a built-in laser pointer for added presentation impact and a 360-degree infrared system that enables the presenter to control the projector or computer from virtually anywhere in the room.

In addition to the standard controls for brightness, contrast, sharpness and position, the projector also will enable the end-user to fine-tune the red, green and blue individually for a finer picture quality.

The MultiSync MT Series projectors are available through NEC Technologies' nationwide network of audio/visual and computer resellers.

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