Network Projector
Network Projector The Newest One From Sony

Network Projector The Newest One From Sony

Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited today announced the launch of the new network projector, the VPL-FX51, to build on the success of its network display technology. The "Network Ready" LCD projector gives high impact multi-media presentations specifically for large venues from auditoriums, business conferences, to lecture theatres.

Designed to meet the presentation needs for high-performance, user-friendly and affordable solutions, the VPL-FX51 offers XGA resolution images with an unprecedented brightness of 5200 ANSI-lumens - an extremely high light output from a sleekly-designed unit weighing just 10.5kg - nearly 50% brighter than the previous model. Combining 1.3-inch LCD panels with a Micro Lens Array, the new projector provides significant light transmission efficiency.

Thanks to a 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet interface and a PC Card slot for wired/wireless connection to the network, the VPL-FX51 offers a gateway function between a company Intranet/ Internet and meeting rooms, conference rooms, lecture rooms and auditoriums. PowerPoint, Excel & Word presentations and graphics can also be saved directly in the projector, and Web pages can be shown using the integrated Web browser via TCP/IP network, where it is not necessary to bring along a PC. With the Remote Desktop function, users can search files in the projector remotely from any networked PC. For example, university professors now no longer need to bring along their PCs to the lecture hall. They can simply search their presentation files from the projector anywhere on the connected network.

In addition to the projector's advanced networking functions, Sony's original Dynamic Detail Enhancer technology converts the interface video signal to progressive and enables it to detect 2-3 pull-down converted signals to display stunning picture quality.

Another key benefit of the network ready projector is the ability to check lamp hours and other indicators via the network without requiring physical access to the projector itself. For added convenience maintenance engineer will find it easier to monitor all the projectors' working condition more effectively in their office via e-mail services for regular status report.

The VPL-FX51 can be tilted 90 degrees upwards or downwards to meet different installation requirements. Additionally, the projector includes a power lens and three optional lenses for different throwing distance to accommodate various room sizes, plus an extremely versatile input panel to expand its system-connection possibilities.

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